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  1. 2003
  2. Overview of recent alcator C-Mod research

    Marmar, E. S., Bai, B., Boivin, R. L., Bonoli, P. T., Boswell, C., Bravenec, R., Carreras, B., Ernst, D., Fiore, C., Gangadhara, S., Gentle, K., Goetz, J., Granetz, R., Greenwald, M., Hallatschek, K., Hastie, J., Hosea, J., Hubbard, A., Hughes, J. W., Hutchinson, I. & 47 others, In, Y., Irby, J., Jennings, T., Kopon, D., Kramer, G., LaBombard, B., Lee, W. D., Lin, Y., Lipschultz, B., Liptac, J., Lynn, A., Marr, K., Maqueda, R., Melby, E., Mikkelsen, D., Mossessian, D., Nazikian, R., Nevins, W. M., Parker, R., Pedersen, T. S., Phillips, C. K., Phillips, P., Pitcher, C. S., Porkolab, M., Ramos, J., Redi, M., Rice, J., Rogers, B. N., Rowan, W. L., Sampsell, M., Schilling, G., Scott, S., Snipes, J., Snyder, P., Stotler, D., Taylor, G., Terry, J. L., Wilson, H., Wilson, J. R., Wolfe, S. M., Wukitch, S., Xu, X. Q., Youngblood, B., Yuh, H., Zhurovich, K., Zweben, S. & Lipschultz, B., 1 Dec 2003

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  3. Structure activity relationships in inhibitor binding to HSP90 isoforms.

    Wright, L., Barril, X., Dymock, B., Drysdale, M., Surgenor, A., Sheridan, L., Beswick, M., Collier, A., Massey, A., Fromont, C., Davies, N., Sharp, S., Workman, P. & Hubbard, R. E., 1 Dec 2003

    Article in Clinical Cancer Research

  4. Structure-based enhancement of a novel inhibitor of the HSP90 molecular chaperone.

    Hubbard, R. E., Finch, H., Barril, X., Daivs, B., Brough, P., Fromont, C., Beswick, M., Drysdale, M., Dymock, B., Surgenor, A., Wright, L., McDonald, T. & Workman, P., 1 Dec 2003

    Article in Clinical Cancer Research

  5. A kind of loving: a model of effective foster care

    Wilson, K., Petrie, S. & Sinclair, I., Dec 2003

    Article in British Journal of Social Work

  6. AXR3 and SHY2 interact to regulate root hair development

    Knox, K., Grierson, C. S. & Leyser, O., Dec 2003

    Article in Development

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