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  1. dUTPase as a platform for antimalarial drug design: Structural basis for the selectivity of a class of nucleoside inhibitors

    Whittingham, J. L., Leal, I., Nguyen, C., Kasinathan, G., Bell, E., Jones, A. F., Berry, C., Benito, A., Turkenburg, J. P., Dodson, E. J., Perez, L. M. R., Wilkinson, T., Johansson, N. G., Brun, R., Gilbert, I. H., Pacanowska, D. G. & Wilson, K. S., 8 Feb 2005

    Article in Structure

  2. Vanadium phosphorus oxide catalysts with promoter reagents

    Kourtakis, K. & Gai, P. L., Jun 2005, Patent No. 6903047

    Research output: Patent

  3. Validation of ACE-FTS stratospheric ozone profiles against Odin/OSIRIS measurements

    Petelina, S. V., Llewellyn, E. J., Walker, K. A., Degenstein, D. A., Boone, C. D., Bernath, P. F., Haley, C. S., von Savigny, C., Lloyd, N. D. & Gattinger, R. L., 2 Jun 2005

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

  4. Transition metals in organic synthesis

    Fairlamb, I. J. S., 2005, Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry: Section B: Organic Chemistry, 101, p. 69-102.

    Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle

  5. The varied faces of low-coordinate phosphorus chemistry

    Russell, C. A. & Slattery, J. M., 2005, RSC Dalton News.

    Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle

  6. The structure of bypass of forespore C, an intercompartmental signaling factor during sporulation in Bacillus

    Patterson, H. M., Brannigan, J. A., Cutting, S. M., Wilson, K. S., Wilkinson, T., AB, E., Diercks, T., de Jong, R. N., Truffault, V., Folkers, G. E. & Kaptein, R., 28 Oct 2005

    Article in Journal of Biological Chemistry

  7. The molecular structure of [Sn(P2C2Bu 2 t)] using gas-phase electron diffraction and DFT calculations

    Wann, D. A., Hinchley, S. L., Borisenko, K. B., Robertson, H. E., Francis, M. D., Nixon, J. F. & Rankin, D. W. H., 2005

    Article in Dalton Transactions

  8. The fluoride deception

    Clark, J. H., 17 Mar 2005

    Book/Film/Article review in Nature

  9. The earliest record of human activity in northern Europe

    Parfitt, S. A., Barendregt, R. W., Breda, M., Candy, I., Collins, M. J., Coope, G. R., Durbidge, P., Field, M. H., Lee, J. R., Lister, A. M., Mutch, R., Penkman, K. E. H., Preece, R. C., Rose, J., Stringer, C. B., Symmons, R., Whittaker, J. E., Wymer, J. J. & Stuart, A. J., 15 Dec 2005

    Article in Nature

  10. Synthetic studies on the DEF-rings of FR182877 and hexacyclinic acid

    Clarke, P. A., Grist, M., Ebden, M., Wilson, C. & Blake, A. J., 10 Jan 2005

    Article in Tetrahedron

  11. Synthetic and structural studies of cyclodistib(V)azanes

    Copsey, M. C., Gallon, S. B., Grocott, S. K., Jeffery, J. C., Russell, C. A. & Slattery, J. M., 25 Jul 2005

    Article in Inorganic Chemistry

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