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  2. Co-located ACE-FTS and Odin/SMR stratospheric-mesospheric CO 2004 measurements and comparison with a GCM

    Jin, J. J., Semeniuk, K., Jonsson, A. I., Beagley, S. R., McConnell, J. C., Boone, C. D., Walker, K. A., Bernath, P. F., Rinsland, C. P., Dupuy, E., Ricaud, P., De la Noe, J., Urban, J. & Murtagh, D., 1 Jun 2005

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

  3. Comparison of atmospheric retrievals from ACE and HALOE

    McHugh, M., Magill, B., Walker, K. A., Boone, C. D., Bernath, P. F. & Russell, J. M., 4 Jun 2005

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

  4. Comparisons between ACE-FTS and ground-based measurements of stratospheric HCl and ClONO2 loadings at northern latitudes

    Mahieu, E., Zander, R., Duchatelet, P., Hannigan, J. W., Coffey, M. T., Mikuteit, S., Hase, F., Blumenstock, T., Wiacek, A., Strong, K., Taylor, J. R., Mittermeier, R. L., Fast, H., Boone, C. D., McLeod, S. D., Walker, K. A., Bernath, P. F. & Rinsland, C. P., 4 Jun 2005

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

  5. Concentrations of OH and HO2 radicals during NAMBLEX: measurements and steady state analysis

    Lee, J. D., Johnson, G. P., Ingham, T., Smith, S. C., Bloss, W. J. & Heard, D. E., Jul 2005

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  6. Cost-effectiveness of alternative strategies for the initial medical management of non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome: systematic review and decision-analytical modelling

    Robinson, M., Palmer, S., Sculpher, M., Philips, Z., Ginnelly, L., Bowens, A., Golder, S., Alfakih, K., Bakhai, A., Packham, C., Cooper, N., Abrams, K., Eastwood, A., Pearman, A., Flather, M., Gray, D. & Hall, A., Jul 2005

    Article in Health technology assessment

  7. Crystal structure of levansucrase from the Gram-negative bacterium Gluconacetohacter diazotrophicus

    Martinez-Fleites, C., Ortiz-Lombardia, M., Pons, T., Tarbouriech, N., Taylor, E. J., Arrieta, J. G., Hernandez, L. & Davies, G. J., 15 Aug 2005

    Article in Biochemical journal

  8. Crystal structure of the portal protein from bacteriophage SPP1 and model for DNA translocation

    Lebedev, A. A., Krause, M. H., Vagin, A., Orlova, E. V., Dodson, E. J., Tavares, P. & Antson, A. A., Jul 2005

    Article in FEBS Journal

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