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  1. η4-Pyrone iron(0)carbonyl complexes as effective CO-releasing molecules (CO-RMs)

    Fairlamb, I. J. S., Duhme-Klair, A., Lynam, J. M., Moulton, B. E., O’Brien, C. T., Whitwood, A. C., Sawle, P., Hammad, J. & Motterlini, R., 2006

    Article in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters

  2. Why are ionic liquids liquid? A simple explanation based on lattice and solvation energies

    Krossing, I., Slattery, J. M., Daguenet, C., Dyson, P. J., Oleinikova, A. & Weingaertner, H., 18 Oct 2006

    Article in Journal of the American Chemical Society

  3. Uptake of veterinary medicines from soils into plants

    Boxall, A. B. A., Johnson, P., Smith, E. J., Sinclair, C. J., Stutt, E. & Levy, L. S., 22 Mar 2006

    Article in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

  4. Truncated dipolar recoupling in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance

    Marin-Montesinos, I., Mollica, G., Carravetta, M., Gansmueller, A., Pilelo, G., Bechmann, M., Sebald, A. & Levitt, M. H., 11 Dec 2006

    Article in Chemical Physics Letters

  5. Transition metal- mediated C-F bond activation

    Braun, T. & Perutz, R. N., 2006, Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III. Crabtree, RH. & Mingos, DMP. (eds.). Oxford: Elsevier Press

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  6. Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis: Cross-coupling and C-H activation processes

    Fairlamb, I. J. S., 2006, Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry: Section B: Organic Chemistry, 102, p. 50-80.

    Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle

  7. Total synthesis of 6-deoxyclitoriacetal isolated from Stemona collinsae Craib.

    Khorphueng, P., Tummatorn, J., Petsom, A., Taylor, R. J. K. & Roengsumran, S., 14 Aug 2006

    Article in Tetrahedron Letters

  8. The topography and location of nanoparticles using STEM imaging in a FESEM

    Gai, P. L. & Smith, D., 2006, Proceedings of the 16th International Microscopy Congress (IMC 16).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

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