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  1. 2006
  2. Implementation of semi-automated cloning and prokaryotic expression screening: the impact of SPINE

    Alzari, P. M., Berglund, H., Berrow, N. S., Blagova, E., Busso, D., Cambillau, C., Campanacci, V., Christodoulou, E., Eiler, S., Fogg, M. J., Folkers, G., Geerlof, A., Hart, D., Haouz, A., Herman, M. D., Macieira, S., Nordlund, P., Perrakis, A., Quevillon-Cheruel, S., Tarandeau, F. & 6 others, van Tilbeurgh, H., Unger, T., Luna-Vargas, M. P. A., Velarde, M., Willmanns, M. & Owens, R. J., Oct 2006

    Article in Acta crystallographica section d-Biological crystallography

  3. SPINE workshop on automated X-ray analysis: a progress report

    Bahar, M., Ballard, C., Cohen, S. X., Cowtan, K. D., Dodson, E. J., Emsley, P., Esnouf, R. M., Keegan, R., Lamzin, V., Langer, G., Levdikov, V., Long, F., Meier, C., Muller, A., Murshudov, G. N., Perrakis, A., Siebold, C., Stein, N., Turkenburg, M. G. W., Vagin, A. A. & 3 others, Winn, M., Winter, G. & Wilson, K. S., Oct 2006

    Article in Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography

  4. The impact of protein characterization in structural proteomics

    Geerlof, A., Brown, J., Coutard, B., Egloff, M. -P., Enguita, F. J., Fogg, M. J., Gilbert, R. J. C., Groves, M. R., Haouz, A., Nettleship, J. E., Nordlund, P., Owens, R. J., Ruff, M., Sainsbury, S., Svergun, D. I. & Wilmanns, M., Oct 2006

    Article in Acta crystallographica section d-Biological crystallography

  5. Enhanced NOx in 2006 linked to strong upper stratospheric Arctic vortex

    Randall, C. E., Harvey, V. L., Singleton, C. S., Bernath, P. F., Boone, C. D. & Kozyra, J. U., 27 Sep 2006

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

  6. A practical and flexible implementation of 3D MRI in the Earth's magnetic field

    Halse, M. E., Coy, A., Dykstra, R., Eccles, C., Hunter, M., Ward, R. & Callaghan, P. T., Sep 2006

    Article in Journal of Magnetic Resonance

  7. Crystal structure of the temperature-sensitive and allosteric-defective chaperonin GroELE461K

    Cabo-Bilbao, A., Spinelli, S., Sot, B., Agirre, J., Mechaly, A. E., Muga, A. & Guérin, D. M. A., Sep 2006


  8. Crystal structures of Clostridium thermocellum xyloglucanase, XGH74A, reveal the structural basis for xyloglucan recognition and degradation

    Martinez-Fleites, C., Guerreiro, C. I. P. D., Baumann, M. J., Taylor, E. J., Prates, J. A. M., Ferreira, L. M. A., Fontes, C. M. G. A., Brumer, H. & Davies, G. J., 25 Aug 2006

    Article in Journal of Biological Chemistry

  9. Seasonal cycles of O-3, CO, and convective outflow at the tropical tropopause

    Folkins, I., Bernath, P., Boone, C., Lesins, G., Livesey, N., Thompson, A. M., Walker, K. & Witte, J. C., 19 Aug 2006

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

  10. Total synthesis of 6-deoxyclitoriacetal isolated from Stemona collinsae Craib.

    Khorphueng, P., Tummatorn, J., Petsom, A., Taylor, R. J. K. & Roengsumran, S., 14 Aug 2006

    Article in Tetrahedron Letters

  11. Comparison of Odin-OSIRIS OH A(2)Sigma(+)-(XII)-I-2 0-0 mesospheric observations and ACE-FTS water vapor observations

    Gattinger, R. L., Boone, C. D., Walker, K. A., Degenstein, D. A., Bernath, P. F. & Llewellyn, E. J., 5 Aug 2006

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

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