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  1. Cationic liposome-DNA complexes: From liquid crystal science to gene delivery applications

    Safinya, C. R., Ewert, K., Anmad, A., Evans, H. M., Raviv, U., Needleman, D. J., Lin, A. J., Slack, N. L., George, C., Samuel, C. E., Matharu, A. S., Li, M. H., Percec, V. & Seddon, J., 15 Oct 2006

    Article in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

  2. Demonstration of quantum telecloning of optical coherent states

    Koike, S., Takahashi, H., Yonezawa, H., Takei, N., Braunstein, S. L., Aoki, T. & Furusawa, A., 17 Feb 2006

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  3. Macroscopic entanglement by entanglement swapping

    Pirandola, S., Vitali, D., Tombesi, P. & Lloyd, S., 13 Oct 2006

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  4. Model-based uncertainty in species range prediction

    Pearson, R. G., Thuiller, W., Araujo, M. B., Martinez-Meyer, E., Brotons, L., McClean, C., Miles, L., Segurado, P., Dawson, T. P. & Lees, D. C., Oct 2006

    Article in Journal of biogeography

  5. Propagation algorithms for lexicographic ordering constraints

    Frisch, A. M., Hnich, B., Kiziltan, Z., Miguel, I. & Walsh, T., Jul 2006

    Article in Artificial Intelligence

  6. Quantum computation by communication

    Spiller, T. P., Nemoto, K., Braunstein, S. L., Munro, W. J., Van Loock, P. & Milburn, G. J., 27 Feb 2006

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  7. Security Planning and Refactoring in Extreme Programming: Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering

    Aydal, E. G., Paige, R. F., Chivers, H., Brooke, P. J., Abrahamsson, P. (ed.), Marchesi, M. (ed.) & Succi, G. (ed.), 2006

    Article in Lecture Notes in Computer Science

  8. Unraveling the sequence and structure of the protein osteocalcin from a 42 ka fossil horse

    Ostrom, P. H., Gandhi, H., Strahler, J. R., Walker, A. K., Andrews, P. C., Leykam, J., Stafford, T. W., Kelly, R. L., Walker, D. N., Buckley, M. & Humpula, J., 15 Apr 2006

    Article in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

  9. Using Context to Support Effective Use of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

    Sloan, D., Kelly, B., Petrie, H., Hamilton, F. & Phipps, L., 2006

    Article in J. Web Eng.

  10. Verified Software: A Grand Challenge

    Jones, C. B., O'Hearn, P. W. & Woodcock, J., Apr 2006

    Editorial in Computer