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  1. Abundance of diurnal primates in Mwanihana Forest, Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania

    Rovero, F., Struhsaker, T. T., Marshall, A. R., Rinne, T. A., Pedersen, U. B., Butynski, T. M., Ehardt, C. L. & Mtui, A. S., Jun 2006

    Article in International journal of primatology

  2. Basal conditions beneath enhanced-flow tributaries of Slessor Glacier, East Antarctica

    Rippin, D. M., Bamber, J. L., Siegert, M. J., Vaughan, D. G. & Corr, H. F. J., 2006

    Article in Journal of Glaciology

  3. BrO formation in volcanic plumes

    Oppenheimer, C., Tsanev, V. I., Braban, C. F., Cox, R. A., Adams, J. W., Aiuppa, A., Bobrowski, N., Delmelle, P., Barclay, J. & McGonigle, A. J. S., 15 Jun 2006

    Article in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

  4. Developing a critical load approach for national risk assessments of atmospheric metal deposition

    Hall, J. R., Ashmore, M., Fawehinmi, J., Jordan, C., Lofts, S., Shotbolt, L., Spurgeon, D. J., Svendsen, C. & Tipping, E., Mar 2006

    Article in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

  5. East Antarctic ice stream tributary underlain by major sedimentary basin

    Bamber, J. L., Ferraccioli, F., Joughin, I., Shepherd, T., Rippin, D. M., Siegert, M. J. & Vaughan, D. G., Jan 2006

    Article in Geology

  6. Effects of neonatal nutrition on adult reproduction in a passerine bird

    Blount, J. D., Metcalfe, N. B., Arnold, K. E., Surai, P. F. & Monaghan, P., Jul 2006

    Article in Ibis

  7. INDAIR: A probabilistic model of indoor air pollution in UK homes

    Dimitroulopoulou, C., Ashmore, M. R., Hill, M. T. R., Byrne, M. A. & Kinnersley, R., Oct 2006

    Article in Atmospheric Environment

  8. Initial trends of bird assemblages before and after river diversion in an endemic-rich African forest

    Cordeiro, N. J., Lovett, J. C., Mulungu, E., Maina, G. G. & Gerstle, J. H., Mar 2006

    Article in Biodiversity and Conservation

  9. Late Holocene sea-level changes and isostasy in western Denmark

    Gehrels, W. R., Szkornik, K., Marshall, W. A., Bartholdy, J., Pedersen, J. B. T., Kirby, J. R., Bradley, S. L. & Heinemeier, J., 1 Sep 2006


  10. Measurement and modelling of air pollution and atmospheric chemistry in the UK West Midlands conurbation: Overview of the PUMA Consortium project

    Harrison, R. M., Yin, J., Tilling, R. M., Cai, X., Seakins, P. W., Hopkins, J. R., Lansley, D. L., Lewis, A. C., Hunter, M. C., Heard, D. E., Carpenter, L. J., Creasy, D. J., Lee, J. D., Pilling, M. J., Carslaw, N., Emmerson, K. M., Redington, A., Derwent, R. G., Ryall, D., Mills, G. & 1 others, Penkett, S. A., 1 May 2006

    Article in Science of the Total Environment

  11. Model-based uncertainty in species range prediction

    Pearson, R. G., Thuiller, W., Araujo, M. B., Martinez-Meyer, E., Brotons, L., McClean, C., Miles, L., Segurado, P., Dawson, T. P. & Lees, D. C., Oct 2006

    Article in Journal of biogeography

  12. Morphological and physico-chemical properties of British aquatic habitats potentially exposed to pesticides

    Brown, C. D., Turner, N., Hollis, J., Bellamy, P., Biggs, J., Williams, P., Arnold, D., Pepper, T. & Maund, S., Apr 2006

    Article in Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

  13. Moss responses to elevated CO2 and variation in hydrology in a temperate lowland peatland

    Toet, S., Cornelissen, J. H. C., Aerts, R., van Logtestijn, R. S. P., de Beus, M. & Stoevelaar, R., Jan 2006

    Article in Plant ecology

  14. OH and HO2 chemistry during NAMBLEX: roles of oxygenates, halogen oxides and heterogeneous uptake

    Sommariva, R., Bloss, W. J., Brough, N., Carslaw, N., Flynn, M., Haggerstone, A. L., Heard, D. E., Hopkins, J. R., Lee, J. D., Lewis, A. C., McFiggans, G., Monks, P. S., Penkett, S. A., Pilling, M. J., Plane, J. M. C., Read, K. A., Saiz-Lopez, A., Rickard, A. R. & Williams, P. I., 5 Apr 2006

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

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