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  2. Affine Quantum Groups

    Delius, G. W., MacKay, N., Missing, F. (ed.), Missing, N. (ed.) & Missing, T. (ed.), 2006

    Article in Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics

  3. An integrated data resource for modelling the soil ecosystem

    Irvine, L., Kleczkowski, A., Lane, A. M. J., Pitchford, J. W., Caffrey, D. & Chamberlain, P. M., Sep 2006

    Article in Applied Soil Ecology

  4. Fellerian pants

    Brzezniak, Z. & Leandre, R., 1 Sep 2006

    Article in Comptes rendus mathematique

  5. Modelling of autumn plankton bloom dynamics

    Findlay, H. S., Yool, A., Nodale, M. & Pitchford, J. W., Feb 2006

    Article in Journal of plankton research

  6. Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime

    Kay, B. S., Francoise, JP. (ed.), Naber, G. (ed.) & Tsou, ST. (ed.), 2006

    Article in Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics

  7. Toric selfdual Einstein metrics on compact orbifolds

    Calderbank, D. M. J. & Singer, M. A., 2006

    Article in Duke Mathematical Journal

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