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  1. Evidence for a S(N)2-type pathway for phosphine exchange in phosphine-phosphenium cations, [R2P-PR3 '](+)

    Slattery, J. M., Fish, C., Green, M., Hooper, T. N., Jeffery, J. C., Kilby, R. J., Lynam, J. M., McGrady, J. E., Pantazis, D. A., Russell, C. A. & Willans, C. E., 31 May 2007

    Article in Chemistry - A European Journal

  2. Evaluation of the MOCAGE chemistry transport model during the ICARTT/ITOP experiment

    Bousserez, N., Attie, J. L., Peuch, V. H., Michou, M., Pfister, G., Edwards, D., Emmons, L., Mari, C., Barret, B., Arnold, S. R., Heckel, A., Richter, A., Schlager, H., Lewis, A., Avery, M., Sachse, G., Browell, E. V. & Hair, J. W., 22 May 2007

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research

  3. Energetic particle precipitation effects on the Southern Hemisphere stratosphere in 1992-2005

    Randall, C. E., Harvey, V. L., Singleton, C. S., Bailey, S. M., Bernath, P. F., Codrescu, M., Nakajima, H. & Russell, J. M., 21 Apr 2007

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research

  4. Discovery of a potent CDK2 inhibitor with a novel binding mode, using virtual screening and initial, structure-guided lead scoping

    Richardson, C. M., Nunns, C. L., Williamson, D. S., Parratt, M. J., Dokurno, P., Howes, R., Borgognoni, J., Drysdale, M. J., Finch, H., Hubbard, R. E., Jackson, P. S., Kierstan, P., Lentzen, G., Moore, J. D., Murray, J. B., Simmonite, H., Surgenor, A. E. & Torrance, C. J., 15 Jul 2007

    Article in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters

  5. Discontinuous change in the smectic layer thickness in ferrielectric liquid crystals

    Panov, V. P., Vij, J. K., Panarin, Y. P., Blanc, C., Lorman, V. & Goodby, J. W., Apr 2007

    Article in Physical Review E

  6. Determination of the anisotropy field distribution in perpendicular media and its correlation with microstructure and recording

    Ju, G., Lu, B., Van De Veerdonk, R. J. M., Wu, X., Klemmer, T. J., Zhou, H., Chantrell, R., Sunder, A., Asselin, P., Kubota, Y. & Weller, D., 1 Feb 2007

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics