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  1. Evaluating the individual budget pilot projects

    Glendinning, C., Challis, D., Fernez, J. L., Jones, K., Knapp, M., Manthorpe, J., Netten, A., Stevens, M. & Wilberforce, M., 2007

    Article in Journal of Care Services Management

  2. Have there been culture shifts in Britain?

    Majima, S. & Savage, M., 2007

    Article in Cultural Sociology

  3. Panic rooms: The rise of defensive homeownership

    Atkinson, R. & Blandy, S., Jul 2007

    Article in Housing Studies

  4. The coming crisis of empirical sociology

    Savage, M. & Burrows, R., Oct 2007

    Article in Sociology

  5. Ubiquitous Surveillance

    Gane, N., Venn, C. & Hand, M., 2007

    Article in Theory, Culture and Society