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  1. A constraint language for specifying combinatorial problems

    Frisch, A., Harvey, W., Jefferson, C., Martínez-Hernández, B. & Miguel, I., Sep 2008

    Article in Journal of Constraints

  2. An analogue sum and threshold neuron based on the quantum tunnelling amplification of electrical pulses

    Samardak, A., Nogaret, A., Taylor, S., Austin, J., Farrer, I. & Ritchie, D. A., 7 Aug 2008

    Article in New Journal of Physics

  3. Association between macro and micro mineral composition, and intrinsic mechanical properties, DXA, and cortical thickness, in human femurs and deer antler bone

    Landete-Castillejos, T., Currey, J. D., Estevez, J. A., Gonzalez, B., Insausti, R., Garcia, A., Martinez, A., Ceacero, F., Garcia, A. J. & Gallego, L., 2008

    Article in Calcified tissue international

  4. Characterising intrusion detection sensors

    Shaikh, SA., Chivers, H., Nobles, P. & Clark, J. A., 2008

    Article in Network Security

  5. ESSENCE: A constraint language for specifying combinatorial problems

    Frisch, A. M., Harvey, W., Jefferson, C., Hernández, B. M. & Miguel, I., Sep 2008

    Article in Journal of Constraints

  6. Editorial

    Jones, C. B. & Woodcock, J., 2008

    Article in Formal Asp. Comput.

  7. Extremism propagation in social networks with hubs

    Franks, D. W., Noble, J., Kaufmann, P. & Stagl, S., Aug 2008

    Article in Adaptive behavior

  8. Guest Editorial

    Barkaoui, K., Broy, M., Cavalcanti, A. & Cerone, A., 2008

    Editorial in Formal Asp. Comput.

  9. Hybrid quantum computation in quantum optics

    van Loock, P., Munro, W. J., Nemoto, K., Spiller, T. P., Ladd, T. D., Braunstein, S. L. & Milburn, G. J., 1 Aug 2008

    Article in Physical Review A

  10. Measuring and defining the experience of immersion in games

    Jennett, C., Cox, A. L., Cairns, P., Dhoparee, S., Epps, A., Tijs, T. & Walton, A., Sep 2008

    Article in International journal of human-Computer studies

  11. Molecular resonances and the Jacobi shape transition in 48Cr

    Salsac, M. D., Haas, F., Courtin, S., Algora, A., Beck, C., Beghini, S., Behera, B. R., Chapman, R., Corradi, L., Dombradi, Z., Farnea, E., Fioretto, E., Gadea, A., Jenkins, D. G., Latina, A., Lebhertz, D., Lenzi, S., Liang, X., Marginean, N., Montagnoli, G. & 16 others, Napoli, D., Papka, P., Pokrovski, I., Pollarolo, G., Rousseau, M., Sahin, E., Sanchez, A. S. I., Scarlassara, F., Sohler, D., Stefanini, M., Szilner, S., Trotta, M., Ur, C., Della Vedova, F., Wang, Z. M. & Wiedemann, K. T., 1 May 2008

    Article in Journal of Physics: Conference Series

  12. Optimizing amino acid groupings for GPCR classification

    Davies, M. N., Secker, A., Freitas, A. A., Clark, E., Timmis, J. & Flower, D. R., 15 Sep 2008

    Article in Bioinformatics

  13. Quantum Illumination with Gaussian States

    Tan, S-H., Erkmen, B. I., Giovannetti, V., Guha, S., Lloyd, S., Maccone, L., Pirandola, S. & Shapiro, J. H., 18 Dec 2008

    Letter in Physical Review Letters

  14. Solving quantified constraint satisfaction problems

    Gent, I. P., Nightingale, P., Rowley, A. & Stergiou, K., 1 Apr 2008

    Article in Artificial Intelligence

  15. The insecticidal activity of recombinant garlic lectins towards aphids

    Fitches, E., Wiles, D., Douglas, A. E., Hinchliffe, G., Audsley, N. & Gatehouse, J. A., Oct 2008

    Article in Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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