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  1. New evidence for complex climate change in MIS 11 from Hoxne, Suffolk, UK

    Ashton, N., Lewis, S. G., Parfitt, S. A., Penkman, K. E. H. & Coope, G. R., Apr 2008

    Article in Quaternary Science Reviews

  2. Observations of an atmospheric chemical equator and its implications for the tropical warm pool region

    Hamilton, J. F., Allen, G., Watson, N. M., Lee, J. D., Saxton, J. E., Lewis, A. C., Vaughan, G., Bower, K. N., Flynn, M. J., Crosier, J., Carver, G. D., Harris, N. R. P., Parker, R. J., Remedios, J. J. & Richards, N. A. D., 31 Oct 2008

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research

  3. Odin observations of the Galactic centre in the 118-GHz band - Upper limit to the O-2 abundance

    Sandqvist, A., Larsson, B., Hjalmarson, A., Bergman, P., Bernath, P., Frisk, U., Olberg, M., Pagani, L. & Ziurys, L. M., May 2008

    Article in Astronomy & Astrophysics

  4. On the vertical distribution of boundary layer halogens over coastal Antarctica: implications for O-3, HOx, NOx and the Hg lifetime

    Saiz-Lopez, A., Plane, J. M. C., Mahajan, A. S., Anderson, P. S., Bauguitte, S. J. -B., Jones, A. E., Roscoe, H. K., Salmon, R. A., Bloss, W. J., Lee, J. D. & Heard, D. E., 2008

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  5. One-pot synthesis of functionalized piperid-4-ones: a four-component condensation

    Clarke, P. A., Zaytsev, A. V., Morgan, T. W., Whitwood, A. C. & Wilson, C., 3 Jul 2008

    Article in Organic Letters

  6. Palladium-catalyzed Suzuki cross-coupling reactions in a microemulsion

    Vashchenko, V., Krivoshey, A., Knyazeva, I., Petrenko, A. & Goodby, J. W., 25 Feb 2008

    Article in Tetrahedron Letters

  7. Phosphates: New generation of liquid-phase heterogeneous catalysts in organic chemistry

    Sebti, S., Zahouily, M., Lazrek, H. B., Mayoral, J. A. & Macquarrie, D. J., Feb 2008

    Literature review in Current Organic Chemistry