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  1. 2009
  2. Estimating a preference-based index from the Japanese SF-36

    Brazier, J. E., Fukuhara, S., Roberts, J., Kharroubi, S., Yamamoto, Y., Ikeda, S., Doherty, J. & Kurokawa, K., Dec 2009

    Article in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

  3. Sustainability made simple

    MacKay, N. & Edgar, R. F., 1 Oct 2009

    Book/Film/Article review in Physics World

  4. Line-shape analysis of Doppler-broadened gamma lines following the beta decay of Li-11

    Mattoon, C. M., Sarazin, F., Andreoiu, C., Andreyev, A. N., Austin, R. A. E., Ball, G. C., Chakrawarthy, R. S., Cross, D., Cunningham, E. S., Daoud, J., Garrett, P. E., Grinyer, G. F., Hackman, G., Melconian, D., Morton, C., Pearson, C., Ressler, J. J., Schwarzenberg, J., Smith, M. B. & Svensson, C. E., 23 Sep 2009

    Article in Physical Review C

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