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  1. Process for the Preparation of Network Polymer Compositions

    Moffat, J. R., Seeley, G. J., Smith, D. K. & Burgess, A. N., Feb 2009, IPC No. WO/2009/127845

    Research output: Patent

  2. Reaction mechanisms in 24Mg+ 12C and 32S+ 24Mg

    Beck, C., Zafra, A. S. I., Papka, P., Thummerer, S., Azaiez, F., Courtin, S., Curien, D., Dorvaux, O., Lebhertz, D., Nourreddine, A., Rousseau, M., Von Oertzen, W., Gebauer, B., Kokalova, T., Wheldon, C., De Angelis, G., Gadea, A., Lenzi, S., Napoli, D. R., Szilner, S. & 3 others, Catford, W. N., Jenkins, D. G. & Royer, G., 5 May 2009

    Conference article in AIP Conference Proceedings

  3. Reactive iodine species in a semi-polluted environment

    Mahajan, A. S., Oetjen, H., Saiz-Lopez, A., Lee, J. D., McFiggans, G. B. & Plane, J. M. C., 22 Aug 2009

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

  4. Relaxometry Changes in a Gel Dosimetry Phantom due to Continued RF Exposure

    Liney, G. P., Godber, M. J., Wilson, A. D., Goodby, J. W. & Turnbull, L. W., 2009, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 164.

    Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle

  5. Reversible Interactions with para-Hydrogen Enhance NMR Sensitivity by Polarization Transfer

    Adams, R. W., Aguilar, J. A., Atkinson, K. D., Cowley, M. J., Elliott, P. I. P., Duckett, S. B., Green, G. G. R., Khazal, I. G., Lopez-Serrano, J. & Williamson, D. C., 27 Mar 2009

    Article in Science

  6. Satellite observations and modeling of transport in the upper troposphere through the lower mesosphere during the 2006 major stratospheric sudden warming

    Manney, G. L., Harwood, R. S., MacKenzie, I. A., Minschwaner, K., Allen, D. R., Santee, M. L., Walker, K. A., Hegglin, M. I., Lambert, A., Pumphrey, H. C., Bernath, P. F., Boone, C. D., Schwartz, M. J., Livesey, N. J., Daffer, W. H. & Fuller, R. A., 2009

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  7. Secondary organic aerosol from biogenic VOCs over West Africa during AMMA

    Capes, G., Murphy, J. G., Reeves, C. E., McQuaid, J. B., Hamilton, J. F., Hopkins, J. R., Crosier, J., Williams, P. I. & Coe, H., 2009

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  8. Sedimentary multiproxy response to hydroclimatic variability in Lagunillo del Tejo (Spain)

    Romero-Viana, L., Rosa Miracle, M., Lopez-Blanco, C., Cuna, E., Vilaclara, G., Garcia-Orellana, J., Keely, B. J., Camacho, A. & Vicente, E., Sep 2009

    Article in HYDROBIOLOGIA

  9. Self-Assembly of Two-Component Gels: Stoichiometric Control and Component Selection

    Hirst, A. R., Miravet, J. E., Escuder, B., Noirez, L., Castelletto, V., Hamley, I. W. & Smith, D. K., 2 Jan 2009

    Article in Chemistry - A European Journal

  10. Self-assembly of cross-linked beta-cyclodextrin nanocapsules

    Jones, L., Lackowski, W. M., Vasilyeva, Y., Wilson, K. & Chechik, V., 2009

    Article in Chemical Communications