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  1. 2010
  2. Electron microscopy of AlGaN-based multilayers for UV laser devices

    Lari, L., Amari, H., Walther, T., Bai, J., Wang, T. & Cullis, A. G., 2010

    Article in Journal of Physics: Conference Series

  3. Hot Electron Generation and Transport Using K alpha Emission

    Akli, K. U., Stephens, R. B., Key, M. H., Bartal, T., Beg, F. N., Chawla, S., Chen, C. D., Fedosejevs, R., Freeman, R. R., Friesen, H., Giraldez, E., Green, J. S., Hey, D. S., Higginson, D. P., Hund, J., Jarrott, L. C., Kemp, G. E., King, J. A., Kryger, A., Lancaster, K. & 20 others, LePape, S., Link, A., Ma, T., Mackinnon, A. J., MacPhee, A. G., McLean, H. S., Murphy, C., Norreys, P. A., Ovchinnikov, V., Patel, P. K., Ping, Y., Sawada, H., Schumacher, D., Theobald, W., Tsui, Y. Y., Van Woerkom, L. D., Wei, M. S., Westover, B., Yabuuchi, T. & [Unknown], I., 2010

    Article in Journal of Physics: Conference Series

  4. Self-biased saturable absorber mirror demonstrating very low saturation fluence

    Gadjiev, I. M., Ryvkin, B. S., Avrutin, E. A., Mikhrin, S. S., Livshits, D. A. & Kovsh, A. R., 7 Jan 2010

    Article in Electronics Letters

  5. Ultrathin Fe3O4 epitaxial films on wide bandgap GaN(0001)

    Wong, P. K. J., Zhang, W., Cui, X. G., Xu, Y. B., Wu, J., Tao, Z. K., Li, X., Xie, Z. L., Zhang, R. & van der Laan, G., 20 Jan 2010

    Article in Physical Review B

  6. The opportunities and challenges associated with wireless interconnects in aircraft

    Panitz, M., Hope, D. C., Sato, T., Harley, C. D., Christopoulos, C., Sewell, P., Dawson, J. F., Marvin, A. C., Fearon, E., Watkins, K. G., Dearden, G. & Crowther, W. J., Apr 2010

    Article in Proceedings of the institution of mechanical engineers part g-Journal of aerospace engineering

  7. Controlling the growth of carbon nanotubes for electronic devices

    Mann, M., Zhang, Y., Teo, K. B. K., Wells, T., El Gomati, M. M. & Milne, W. I., May 2010

    Article in Microelectronic Engineering

  8. Thickness dependence of the molecular magnetic moment of single crystal Fe3O4 films on GaAs (100)

    Zhai, Y., Sun, L., Huang, Z. C., Lu, Y. X., Li, G. D., Li, Q., Xu, Y. B., Wu, J. & Zhai, H. R., 1 May 2010

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

  9. Interfacial structure and magnetic properties of Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5/MgO heterostructures

    Hassan, S. S. A., Xu, Y., Hirohata, A., Sukegawa, H., Wang, W., Inomata, K. & van der Laan, G., 15 May 2010

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

  10. Schottky Barrier Height in Fe/GaAs Films

    Fleet, L. R., Yoshida, K., Kobayashi, H., Ohno, Y., Kurebayashi, H., Kim, J. -Y., Barnes, C. H. W. & Hirohata, A., Jun 2010

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

  11. Single crystal Fe elements patterned by one-step selective chemical wet etching

    Sun, L., Wong, P. K. J., Niu, D., Zou, X., Zhai, Y., Wu, J., Xu, Y. & Zhai, H., 28 Jul 2010

    Article in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

  12. Spin-injection device prospects for half-metallic Fe3O4:Al0.1Ga0.9As interfaces

    Mansell, R., Laloe, J. -B., Holmes, S. N., Wong, P. K. J., Xu, Y. B., Farrer, I., Jones, G. A. C., Ritchie, D. A. & Barnes, C. H. W., 1 Aug 2010

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

  13. Enhanced angular current intensity from Schottky emitters

    Fujita, S., Wells, T. R. C., Ushio, W., Sato, H. & El-Gomati, M. M., Sep 2010

    Article in Journal of Microscopy

  14. Mapping strain gradients in the FIB-structured InGaN/GaN multilayered films with 3D X-ray microbeam

    Barabash, R. I., Gao, Y. F., Ice, G. E., Barabash, O. M., Chung, J-S., Liu, W., Kroeger, R., Lohmeyer, H., Sebald, K., Gutowski, J., Boettcher, T. & Hommel, D., 25 Nov 2010

    Article in Materials science and engineering a-Structural materials properties microstructure and processing

  15. 160 GHz harmonic mode-locked AlGaInAs 1.55 mu m strained quantum-well compound-cavity laser

    Hou, L., Haji, M., Dylewicz, R., Stolarz, P., Qiu, B., Avrutin, E. A. & Bryce, A. C., 1 Dec 2010

    Article in Optics Letters