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  1. 2010

    Cowtan, K. D., Jun 2010

    Research output: Non-textual formSoftware

  3. Functional Oxides

    Bruce, D. W., O'Hare, D. & Walton, R. I., Jun 2010, Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons. 318 p. (Inorganic Materials Series)

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  4. Interdomain Ca(2+) effects in Escherichia coli alpha-haemolysin: Ca(2+) binding to the C-terminal domain stabilizes both C- and N-terminal domains

    Sánchez-Magraner, L., Cortajarena, A. L., García-Pacios, M., Arrondo, J-L. R., Agirre, J., Guérin, D. M. A., Goñi, F. M. & Ostolaza, H., Jun 2010

    Article in Biochimica et biophysica acta

  5. pBaSysBioll: an integrative plasmid generating gfp transcriptional fusions for high-throughput analysis of gene expression in Bacillus subtilis

    Botella, E., Fogg, M., Jules, M., Piersma, S., Doherty, G., Hansen, A., Denham, E. L., Le Chat, L., Veiga, P., Bailey, K., Lewis, P. J., van Dijl, J. M., Aymerich, S., Wilkinson, A. J. & Devine, K. M., Jun 2010

    Article in Microbiology

  6. NO2 air afterglow and O and NO densities from Odin-OSIRIS night and ACE-FTS sunset observations in the Antarctic MLT region

    Gattinger, R. L., McDade, I. C., Suzan, A. L. A., Boone, C. D., Walker, K. A., Bernath, P. F., Evans, W. F. J., Degenstein, D. A., Yee, J-H., Sheese, P. & Llewellyn, E. J., 16 Jun 2010

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research

  7. A panel of subunit-selective activity-based proteasome probes

    Verdoes, M., Willems, L. I., Van Der Linden, W. A., Duivenvoorden, B. A., Van Der Marel, G. A., Florea, B. I., Kisselev, A. F. & Overkleeft, H. S., 21 Jun 2010

    Article in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry

  8. Cs Promoted Triglyceride Transesterification Over MgO Nanocatalysts

    Montero, J. M., Wilson, K. & Lee, A. F., Jul 2010


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