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  1. Mechanistic insights into a Ca2+-dependent family of alpha-mannosidases in a human gut symbiont

    Zhu, Y., Suits, M. D. L., Thompson, A. J., Chavan, S., Dinev, Z., Dumon, C., Smith, N., Moremen, K. W., Xiang, Y., Siriwardena, A., Williams, S. J., Gilbert, H. J. & Davies, G. J., Feb 2010


  2. Microfabricated planar glass gas chromatography with photoionization detection

    Lewis, A. C., Hamilton, J. F., Rhodes, C., Halliday, J., Bartle, K. D., Homewood, P., Grenfell, R. J. P., Goody, B., Harling, A. M., Brewer, P., Vargha, G. & Milton, M. J. T., 29 Jan 2010

    Article in Journal of Chromatography A

  3. Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Aryl Amide Bonds on Solid Phase

    Helliwell, P. A., Fake, R. E., Kerr, K. G., Santry, B., Speakman, A. & Routledge, A., Jan 2010


  4. Mineralization of the metre-long biosilica structures of glass sponges is templated on hydroxylated collagen

    Ehrlich, H., Deutzmann, R., Brunner, E., Cappellini, E., Koon, H., Solazzo, C., Yang, Y., Ashford, D., Thomas-Oates, J., Lubeck, M., Baessmann, C., Langrock, T., Hoffmann, R., Wörheide, G., Reitner, J., Simon, P., Tsurkan, M., Ereskovsky, A. V., Kurek, D., Bazhenov, V. V. & 8 others, Hunoldt, S., Mertig, M., Vyalikh, D. V., Molodtsov, S. L., Kummer, K., Worch, H., Smetacek, V. & Collins, M. J., Dec 2010

    Article in Nature Chemistry

  5. Multi-factorial modulation of IGD motogenic potential in MSF (Migration Stimulating Factor)

    Ellis, I. R., Jones, S. J., Staunton, D., Vakonakis, I., Norman, D. G., Potts, J. R., Milner, C. M., Meenan, N. A. G., Raibaud, S., Ohea, G., Schor, A. M. & Schor, S. L., 10 Sep 2010

    Article in Experimental cell research

  6. Multiresidue determination of organochlorines in fish oil by GC-MS: A new strategy in the sample preparation

    Nevado, J. J. B., Martín-Doimeadiós, R. C. R., Bernardo, F. J. G., Fariñas, N. R., Cogolludo, J. M. G., Osma, J. A. C. & Castro-Osma, J., 15 May 2010

    Article in Talanta

  7. N-myristoyltransferase inhibitors as new leads to treat sleeping sickness

    Frearson, J. A., Brand, S., McElroy, S. P., Cleghorn, L. A. T., Smid, O., Stojanovski, L., Price, H. P., Guther, M. L. S., Torrie, L. S., Robinson, D. A., Hallyburton, I., Mpamhanga, C. P., Brannigan, J. A., Wilkinson, A. J., Hodgkinson, M., Hui, R., Qiu, W., Raimi, O. G., van Aalten, D. M. F., Brenk, R. & 6 others, Gilbert, I. H., Read, K. D., Fairlamb, A. H., Ferguson, M. A. J., Smith, D. F. & Wyatt, P. G., 1 Apr 2010

    Article in Nature

  8. NO2 air afterglow and O and NO densities from Odin-OSIRIS night and ACE-FTS sunset observations in the Antarctic MLT region

    Gattinger, R. L., McDade, I. C., Suzan, A. L. A., Boone, C. D., Walker, K. A., Bernath, P. F., Evans, W. F. J., Degenstein, D. A., Yee, J-H., Sheese, P. & Llewellyn, E. J., 16 Jun 2010

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research

  9. NOx and O-3 above a tropical rainforest: an analysis with a global and box model

    Pike, R. C., Lee, J. D., Young, P. J., Carver, G. D., Yang, X., Warwick, N., Moller, S., Misztal, P., Langford, B., Stewart, D., Reeves, C. E., Hewitt, C. N. & Pyle, J. A., 2010

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  10. O(P-3) Atoms as a Chemical Probe of Surface Ordering in Ionic Liquids

    Waring, C., Bagot, P. A. J., Slattery, J. M., Costen, M. L. & McKendrick, K. G., 15 Apr 2010

    Article in Journal of Physical Chemistry A

  11. Observations of OH and HO2 radicals over West Africa

    Commane, R., Floquet, C. F. A., Ingham, T., Stone, D., Evans, M. J. & Heard, D. E., 2010

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  12. Organosilica nanoshells with thin silica cross-linking by miniemulsion periphery polymerization (MEPP)

    McHale, R., Ghasdian, N., Hondow, N. S., Richardson, P. M., Voice, A. M., Brydson, R. & Wang, X., 10 Aug 2010


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