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  1. Article › Research › Not peer-reviewed
  2. Palaeoenvironmental perspectives for sustainable development in East Africa

    Marchant, R., Finch, J., Kinyanjui, R. N., Muiruri, V. M., Mumbi, C. T., Platts, P. J. & Rucina, S. M., 2010

    Article in Climate of the Past Discussions

  3. The Cyrenaican Prehistory Project 2010: the fourth season of investigations of the Haua Fteah cave and its landscape, and further results from the 2007-2009 fieldwork

    Barker, G., Antoniadou, A., Armitage, S., Brooks, I., Candy, I., Connell, K., Drake, N., Farr, L., Hill, E., Hunt, C., Inglis, R. H., Jones, S., Lane, C., Luccharini, G., Meneely, J., Morales, J., Mutri, G., Prendergast, A., Rabett, R., Reade, H. & 7 others, Reynolds, T., Russell, N., Simpson, D., Smith, B., Stimpson, C., Twati, M. & White, K., 2010

    Article in Libyan Studies

  4. Article › Research › Peer-reviewed
  5. "Stay tuned": Inter-individual neural synchronization during mutual gaze and joint attention

    Saito, D. N., Tanabe, H. C., Izuma, K., Hayashi, M. J., Morito, Y., Komeda, H., Uchiyama, H., Kosaka, H., Okazawa, H., Fujibayashi, Y. & Sadato, N., 2010

    Article in Frontiers in integrative neuroscience

  6. 160 GHz harmonic mode-locked AlGaInAs 1.55 mu m strained quantum-well compound-cavity laser

    Hou, L., Haji, M., Dylewicz, R., Stolarz, P., Qiu, B., Avrutin, E. A. & Bryce, A. C., 1 Dec 2010

    Article in Optics Letters

  7. 34P(7Li,7Be+gamma) reaction at 100 AMeV in inverse kinematics

    Zegers, R. G. T., Meharchand, R., Shimbara, Y., Austin, S. M., Bazin, D., Brown, B. A., Diget, C. A., Gade, A., Guess, C. J., Hausmann, M., Hitt, G. W., King, M., Miller, D., Signoracci, A., Starosta, K., Tur, C., Vaman, C., Voss, P., Weisshaar, D., Yurkon, J. & 2 others, Howard, M. E. & Noji, S., 28 May 2010

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  8. A 130 point Nd:YAG Thomson scattering diagnostic on MAST

    Scannell, R., Walsh, M. J., Dunstan, M. R., Figueiredo, J., Naylor, G., O'Gorman, T., Shibaev, S., Gibson, K. J. & Wilson, H., Oct 2010

    Article in Review of Scientific Instruments


    Wiedmann, T., Wood, R., Minx, J. C., Lenzen, M., Guan, D. & Harris, R., Mar 2010

    Article in Economic systems research

  10. A common neural system mediating two different forms of social judgement

    Hall, J., Whalley, H. C., McKirdy, J. W., Sprengelmeyer, R., Santos, I. M., Donaldson, D. I., McGonigle, D. J., Young, A. W., McIntosh, A. M., Johnstone, E. C. & Lawrie, S. M., 1 Jul 2010

    Article in Psychological Medicine

  11. A genetic variant BDNF polymorphism alters extinction learning in both mouse and human

    Soliman, F., Glatt, C. E., Bath, K. G., Levita, L., Jones, R. M., Pattwell, S. S., Jing, D., Tottenham, N., Amso, D., Somerville, L. H., Voss, H. U., Glover, G., Ballon, D. J., Liston, C., Teslovich, T., Van Kempen, T., Lee, F. S. & Casey, B. J., 12 Feb 2010

    Article in Science

  12. A genome-wide association study of Hodgkin's lymphoma identifies new susceptibility loci at 2p16.1 (REL), 8q24.21 and 10p14 (GATA3)

    Enciso-Mora, V., Broderick, P., Ma, Y., Jarrett, R. F., Hjalgrim, H., Hemminki, K., van den Berg, A., Olver, B., Lloyd, A., Dobbins, S. E., Lightfoot, T., van Leeuwen, F. E., Foersti, A., Diepstra, A., Broeks, A., Vijayakrishnan, J., Shield, L., Lake, A., Montgomery, D., Roman, E. & 25 others, Engert, A., von Strandmann, E. P., Reiners, K. S., Nolte, I. M., Smedby, K. E., Adami, H-O., Russell, N. S., Glimelius, B., Hamilton-Dutoit, S., de Bruin, M., Ryder, L. P., Molin, D., Sorensen, K. M., Chang, E. T., Taylor, M., Cooke, R., Hofstra, R., Westers, H., van Wezel, T., van Eijk, R., Ashworth, A., Rostgaard, K., Melbye, M., Swerdlow, A. J. & Houlston, R. S., Dec 2010

    Article in Nature genetics

  13. A halogen-bonded complex of DMAP with 4-bromoiodobenzene

    Roper, L. C., Praesang, C., Whitwood, A. C. & Bruce, D. W., Nov 2010

    Article in CrystEngComm

  14. A mass spectrometric investigation into microenvironmental effects in solid-supported radical chemistry

    Helliwell, P. A., Bailey, V. A., Chevet, C., Clarke, D. B., Lloyd, A., Macarthur, R. & Routledge, A., Feb 2010

    Article in Reactive and Functional Polymers

  15. A mixed methods and triangulation model for increasing the accuracy of adherence and sexual behaviour data: the Microbicides Development Programme

    Pool, R., Montgomery, C. M., Morar, N. S., Mweemba, O., Ssali, A., Gafos, M., Lees, S., Stadler, J., Crook, A., Nunn, A., Hayes, R. & McCormack, S., 21 Jul 2010

    Article in PLoS ONE

  16. A multicentred randomised controlled trial of a primary care-based cognitive behavioural programme for low back pain. The Back Skills Training (BeST) trial

    Lamb, S. E., Lall, R., Hansen, Z., Castelnuovo, E., Withers, E. J., Nichols, V., Griffiths, F., Potter, R., Szczepura, A., Underwood, M. & BeST Trial Grp, Aug 2010

    Article in Health technology assessment

  17. A multidisciplinary study of archaeological grape seeds

    Cappellini, E., Gilbert, M. T. P., Geuna, F., Fiorentino, G., Hall, A., Thomas-Oates, J., Ashton, P. D., Ashford, D. A., Arthur, P., Campos, P. F., Kool, J., Willerslev, E. & Collins, M. J., Feb 2010

    Article in Naturwissenschaften

  18. A panel of subunit-selective activity-based proteasome probes

    Verdoes, M., Willems, L. I., Van Der Linden, W. A., Duivenvoorden, B. A., Van Der Marel, G. A., Florea, B. I., Kisselev, A. F. & Overkleeft, H. S., 21 Jun 2010

    Article in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry

  19. A parahydrogen based NMR study of Pt catalysed alkyne hydrogenation

    Boutain, M., Duckett, S. B., Dunne, J. P., Godard, C., Hernandez, J. M., Holmes, A. J., Khazal, I. G. & Lopez-Serrano, J., 2010

    Article in Dalton Transactions

  20. A phantom extinction? New insights into extinction dynamics of the Don-hare Lepus tanaiticus

    Prost, S., Knapp, M., Flemmig, J., Hufthammer, A. K., Kosintsev, P., Stiller, M. & Hofreiter, M., Sep 2010

    Article in Journal of evolutionary biology

  21. A phylogenetic estimate for golden moles (Mammalia, Afrotheria, Chrysochloridae)

    Asher, R. J., Maree, S., Bronner, G., Bennett, N. C., Bloomer, P., Czechowski, P., Meyer, M. & Hofreiter, M., 9 Mar 2010

    Article in Bmc evolutionary biology

  22. A proposal for testing subcritical vacuum pair production with high power lasers

    Gregori, G., Blaschke, D. B., Rajeev, P. P., Chen, H., Clarke, R. J., Huffman, T., Murphy, C. D., Prozorkevich, A. V., Roberts, C. D., Röpke, G., Schmidt, S. M., Smolyansky, S. A., Wilks, S. & Bingham, R., 1 Jun 2010


  23. A randomised controlled trial of patient led training in medical education: protocol

    Winterbottom, A. E., Jha, V., Melville, C., Corrado, O., Symons, J., Torgerson, D., Watt, I. & Wright, J., 3 Dec 2010

    Article in BMC Medical Education

  24. A randomised placebo-controlled safety and acceptability trial of PRO 2000 vaginal microbicide gel in sexually active women in Uganda

    Kamali, A., Byomire, H., Muwonge, C., Bakobaki, J., Rutterford, C., Okong, P., Profy, A., Byaruhanga, R., Namukwaya, S., McCormack, S., Grosskurth, H., Nunn, A. J. & Lacey, C. J. N., Jun 2010

    Article in Sexually Transmitted Infections

  25. A three-tiered approach to participatory vulnerability assessment in the Solomon Islands

    Fazey, I., Kesby, M., Evely, A., Latham, I., Wagatora, D., Hagasua, J-E., Reed, M. S. & Christie, M., Oct 2010

    Article in Global Environmental Change

  26. Abrupt changes in alpha-decay systematics as a manifestation of collective nuclear modes

    Qi, C., Andreyev, A. N., Huyse, M., Liotta, R. J., Van Duppen, P. & Wyss, R. A., 22 Jun 2010

    Article in Physical Review C

  27. Absolute quantification of superoxide dismutase (SOD) using species-specific isotope dilution analysis

    Deitrich, C. L., Braukmann, S., Raab, A., Munro, C., Pioselli, B., Krupp, E. M., Thomas-Oates, J. E. & Feldmann, J., Aug 2010


  28. Action of a pentacyclic triterpenoid, maslinic acid, against Toxoplasma gondii.

    De Pablos, L. M., Gonzalez, G., Rodrigues, R., Garcia Granados, A., Parra, A. & Osuna, A., 28 May 2010

    Article in Journal of Natural Products

  29. Ada and the software vulnerabilities project: The SPARK Annex

    Burns, A., Tokar, J. L., Baird, S., Barnes, J., Chapman, R., Dismukes, G., González-Harbour, M., Michell, S., Moore, B., Pinho, L. M., Ploedereder, E., Real, J., Rosen, J. P., Schonberg, E., Taft, S. T. & Vardanega, T., 1 Dec 2010

    Article in Ada User Journal

  30. Addendum: Temperature stabilization of optofluidic photonic crystal cavities (vol 94, 231114, 2009)

    Karnutsch, C., Smith, C. L. C., Graham, A., Tomljenovic-Hanic, S., McPhedran, R., Eggleton, B. J., O'Faolain, L., Krauss, T. F., Xiao, S. & Mortensen, N. A., 15 Feb 2010

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

  31. Adjuvant chemotherapy, with or without postoperative radiotherapy, in operable non-small-cell lung cancer: two meta-analyses of individual patient data.

    Arriagada, R., Auperin, A., Burdett, S., Higgins, J. P., Johnson, D. H., Le Chevalier, T., Le Pechoux, C., Parmar, M. K., Pignon, J. P., Souhami, R. L., Stephens, R. J., Stewart, L. A., Tierney, J. F., Tribodet, H. & van Meerbeeck, J., Apr 2010

    Article in The Lancet

  32. Advancement of mesenchymal stem cell therapy in solid organ transplantation (MISOT)

    Hoogduijn, M. J., Popp, F. C., Grohnert, A., Crop, M. J., van Rhijn, M., Rowshani, A. T., Eggenhofer, E., Renner, P., Reinders, M. E., Rabelink, T. J., van der Laan, L. J. W., Dor, F. J. M. F., Ijzermans, J. N. M., Genever, P. G., Lange, C., Durrbach, A., Houtgraaf, J. H., Christ, B., Seifert, M., Shagidulin, M. & 11 others, Donckier, V., Deans, R., Ringden, O., Perico, N., Remuzzi, G., Bartholomew, A., Schlitt, H. J., Weimar, W., Baan, C. C., Dahlke, M. H. & MISOT Study Group, 27 Jul 2010

    Article in Transplantation

  33. Alkyl nitrate photochemistry during the tropospheric organic chemistry experiment

    Worton, D. R., Reeves, C. E., Penkett, S. A., Sturges, W. T., Slemr, J., Oram, D. E., Bandy, B. J., Bloss, W. J., Carslaw, N., Davey, J., Emmerson, K. M., Gravestock, T. J., Hamilton, J. F., Heard, D. E., Hopkins, J. R., Hulse, A., Ingram, T., Jacob, M. J., Lee, J. D., Leigh, R. J. & 3 others, Lewis, A. C., Monks, P. S. & Smith, S. C., Feb 2010

    Article in Atmospheric Environment

  34. Amputations in PAD patients - data from the German Federal Statistical Office

    Gutacker, N., Neumann, A., Santosa, F., Moysidis, T. & Kroeger, K., Feb 2010

    Article in Vascular Medicine

  35. An Association Transcriptomics approach to the prediction of hybrid performance.

    Stokes, D., Frazer, F., Morgan, C., O'Neill, C. M., Dreos, R., Magusin, A., Szalma, S. & Bancroft, I., Jun 2010

    Article in Molecular Breeding

  36. An RNA Aptamer Based Assay for the Detection and Analysis of Malachite Green and Leucomalachite Green Residues in Fish Tissue (vol 82, pg 2652, 2010)

    Stead, S. L., Ashwin, H., Johnston, B. H., Dallas, A., Kazakov, S. A., Tarbin, J., Sharman, M., Kay, J. & Keely, B. J., 1 Jul 2010

    Article in Analytical Chemistry

  37. An RNA-Aptamer-Based Assay for the Detection and Analysis of Malachite Green and Leucomalachite Green Residues in Fish Tissue

    Stead, S. L., Ashwin, H., Johnston, B., Tarbin, J. A., Sharman, M., Kay, J., Keely, B. J., Dallas, A. & Kazakov, S. A., 1 Apr 2010

    Article in Analytical Chemistry

  38. An undergraduate education package on evidence-based medicine: some NICE lessons

    Sandars, J., Siddiqi, K., Walsh, K., Richardson, J., Ibison, J. & Maxted, M., May 2010

    Article in Medical Education

  39. Analysis of the Reaction Coordinate of alpha-L-Fucosidases: A Combined Structural and Quantum Mechanical Approach

    van Bueren, A. L., Ardevol, A., Fayers-Kerr, J., Luo, B., Zhang, Y., Sollogoub, M., Bleriot, Y., Rovira, C. & Davies, G. J., 17 Feb 2010

    Article in Journal of the American Chemical Society

  40. Ancient DNA sequences point to a large loss of mitochondrial genetic diversity in the saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica) since the Pleistocene

    Campos, P. F., Kristensen, T., Orlando, L., Sher, A., Kholodova, M. V., Gotherstrom, A., Hofreiter, M., Drucker, D. G., Kosintsev, P., Tikhonov, A., Baryshnikov, G. F., Willerslev, E. & Gilbert, M. T. P., Nov 2010

    Article in Molecular Ecology

  41. Anodic oxidation of organometallic sandwich complexes using [Al(OC(CF3)(3))(4)](-) or [AsF6](-) as the supporting electrolyte anion

    Stewart, M. P., Paradee, L. M., Raabe, I., Trapp, N., Slattery, J. M., Krossing, I., Geiger, W. E. & Slattery, J. M., Nov 2010


  42. Antagonistic coevolution accelerates molecular evolution

    Paterson, S., Vogwill, T., Buckling, A., Benmayor, R., Spiers, A. J., Thomson, N. R., Quail, M., Smith, F., Walker, D., Libberton, B., Fenton, A., Hall, N. & Brockhurst, M. A., 11 Mar 2010

    Article in Nature

  43. Antenatal screening for haemoglobinopathies in primary care: a cohort study and cluster randomised trial to inform a simulation model. The Screening for Haemoglobinopathies in First Trimester (SHIFT) trial

    Dormandy, E., Bryan, S., Gulliford, M. C., Roberts, T. E., Ades, A. E., Calnan, M., Atkin, K. M., Karnon, J., Barton, P. M., Logan, J., Kavalier, F., Harris, H. J., Johnston, T. A., Anionwu, E. N., Davis, V., Brown, K., Juarez-Garcia, A., Tsianakas, V. & Marteau, T. M., 2010

    Article in Health technology assessment

  44. Anticoccidial activity of maslinic acid against infection with Eimeria tenella in chickens.

    De Pablos Torro, L. M., Dos Santos, M. F. B., Montero, E., Garcia-Granados, A., Parra, A. & Osuna, A., Aug 2010

    Article in Parasitology research

  45. Applying psychological theories to evidence-based clinical practice: identifying factors predictive of placing preventive fissure sealants

    Bonetti, D., Johnston, M., Clarkson, J. E., Grimshaw, J. M., Pitts, N. B., Eccles, M. P., Steen, I. N., Thomas, R., MacLennan, G. S., Glidewell, L. & Walker, A., 8 Apr 2010

    Article in Implementation science

  46. Archaeal DNA uracil repair via direct strand incision: A minimal system reconstituted from purified components

    Schomacher, L., Schuerer, K. A., Ciirdaeva, E., McDermott, P., Chong, J. P. J., Kramer, W. & Fritz, H-J., 4 Apr 2010

    Article in Mutation research-Dna repair

  47. Asian Monsoon Transport of Pollution to the Stratosphere

    Randel, W. J., Park, M., Emmons, L., Kinnison, D., Bernath, P., Walker, K. A., Boone, C. & Pumphrey, H., 30 Apr 2010

    Article in Science

  48. Assessing the Accuracy of Adherence and Sexual Behaviour Data in the MDP301 Vaginal Microbicides Trial Using a Mixed Methods and Triangulation Model

    Pool, R., Montgomery, C. M., Morar, N. S., Mweemba, O., Ssali, A., Gafos, M., Lees, S., Stadler, J., Nunn, A., Crook, A., Hayes, R. & McCormack, S., 21 Jul 2010

    Article in PLoS ONE

  49. Assessing the cost effectiveness of using prognostic biomarkers with decision models: case study in prioritising patients waiting for coronary artery surgery

    Henriksson, M., Palmer, S., Chen, R., Damant, J., Fitzpatrick, N. K., Abrams, K., Hingorani, A. D., Stenestrand, U., Janzon, M., Feder, G., Keogh, B., Shipley, M. J., Kaski, J-C., Timmis, A., Sculpher, M. & Hemingway, H., 19 Jan 2010

    Article in British medical journal

  50. Association of seborrhoeic warts with skin cancer in renal transplant recipients

    Lally, A., Casabonne, D., Waterboer, T., Imko-Walczuk, B., Michael, K. M., Pawlita, M., Newton, R. & Wojnarowska, F., Mar 2010

    Article in Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV

  51. Atomic oxygen formation in a radio-frequency driven micro-atmospheric pressure plasma jet

    Waskoenig, J., Niemi, K., Knake, N., Graham, L. M., Reuter, S., Schulz-von der Gathen, V. & Gans, T., Aug 2010

    Article in Plasma sources science & technology

  52. Autonomic, Behavioral, and Neural Analyses of Mild Conditioned Negative Affect in Marmosets

    Mikheenko, Y., Man, M-S., Braesicke, K., Johns, M. E., Hill, G., Agustin-Pavon, C. & Roberts, A. C., Apr 2010

    Article in Behavioral Neuroscience

  53. BODIPY probes to study peroxisome dynamics in vivo.

    Edwards, R., Landrum, M., Smertenko, A., Hussey, P.J & Steel, P.G, May 2010

    Article in Plant Journal

  54. Bacterial nitric oxide detoxification prevents host cell S-nitrosothiol formation: a novel mechanism of bacterial pathogenesis

    Laver, J. R., Stevanin, T. M., Messenger, S. L., Lunn, A. D., Lee, M. E., Moir, J. W. B., Poole, R. K. & Read, R. C., Jan 2010

    Article in The FASEB Journal

  55. Bacteriophage lambda: a paradigm revisited

    Fogg, P. C. M., Allison, H. E., Saunders, J. R. & McCarthy, A. J., Jul 2010


  56. Bayesian model selection maps for group studies

    Rosa, M. J., Bestmann, S., Harrison, L. & Penny, W., 1 Jan 2010

    Article in Neuroimage

  57. Behavioural therapies versus other psychological therapies for depression

    Churchill, R., Caldwell, D., Moore, T. H., Davies, P., Jones, H., Lewis, G. & Hunot, V., 1 Sep 2010

    Article in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

  58. Behavioural therapies versus treatment as usual for depression

    Caldwell, D., Hunot, V., Moore, T. H., Davies, P., Jones, H., Lewis, G. & Churchill, R., 2010

    Article in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

  59. Bias and dispersal in the animal reintroduction literature

    Bajomi, B., Pullin, A. S., Stewart, G. B. & Takacs-Santa, A., Jul 2010

    Article in Oryx

  60. Bicaudal-D binds clathrin heavy chain to promote its transport and augments synaptic vesicle recycling

    Li, X., Kuromi, H., Briggs, L., Green, D. B., Rocha, J. J., Sweeney, S. & Bullock, S. L., 3 Mar 2010

    Article in EMBO Journal

  61. Biodiesel as feasible petrol fuel replacement: a multidisciplinary overview

    Luque, R., Lovett, J. C., Datta, B., Clancy, J., Campelo, J. M. & Romero, A. A., Nov 2010

    Article in Energy & Environmental Science

  62. Biological and chemical assessments of zinc ageing in field soils

    Donner, E., Broos, K., Heemsbergen, D., Warne, M. S. J., McLaughlin, M. J., Hodson, M. E. & Nortcliff, S., Jan 2010

    Article in Environmental Pollution

  63. Birth order and risk of non-hodgkin lymphoma: true association or bias?

    Grulich, A. E., Vajdic, C. M., Falster, M. O., Kane, E., Smedby, K. E., Bracci, P. M., de Sanjose, S., Becker, N., Turner, J., Martinez-Maza, O., Melbye, M., Engels, E. A., Vineis, P., Costantini, A. S., Holly, E. A., Spinelli, J. J., La Vecchia, C., Zheng, T., Chiu, B. C. H., Franceschi, S. & 11 others, Cocco, P., Maynadié, M., Foretova, L., Staines, A., Brennan, P., Davis, S., Severson, R. K., Cerhan, J. R., Breen, E. C., Birmann, B. & Cozen, W., 15 Sep 2010

    Article in American Journal of Epidemiology

  64. Blind Steganalysis of Mp3stego

    Hernandez-Castro, J. C., Tapiador, J. E., Palomar, E. & Romero-Gonzalez, A., Sep 2010

    Article in Journal of information science and engineering

  65. Blood product collection and supply: a matter of money?

    de Kort, W., Wagenmans, E., van Dongen, A., Slotboom, Y., Hofstede, G. & Veldhuizen, I. J. T., Apr 2010

    Article in Vox sanguinis

  66. Breakup of C-12 resonances into three alpha particles

    Kirsebom, O. S., Alcorta, M., Borge, M. J. G., Cubero, M., Diget, C. A., Dominguez-Reyes, R., Fraile, L. M., Fulton, B. R., Fynbo, H. O. U., Hyldegaard, S., Jonson, B., Madurga, M., Munoz Martin, A., Nilsson, T., Nyman, G., Perea, A., Riisager, K. & Tengblad, O., 18 Jun 2010

    Article in Physical Review C

  67. Bridging the nuclear structure gap between stable and super heavy nuclei

    Seweryniak, D., Khoo, T. L., Ahmad, I., Kondev, F. G., Robinsou, A., Tandel, S. K., Asai, M., Back, B. B., Carpenter, M. P., Chowdhury, P., Davids, C. N., Eeckhaudt, S., Greene, J. P., Greenlees, P. T., Gros, S., Hauschild, K., Heinz, A., Herzberg, R. -D., Janssens, R. V. F., Jenkins, D. G. & 16 others, Jones, G. D., Ketelhut, S., Lauritsen, T., Lister, C. J., Lopez-Martens, A., Marley, P., McCutchan, E. A., Nakatsukasa, T., Papadakis, P., Peterson, D., Qian, J., Rostron, D., Stefanescu, I., Tandel, U. S., Wang, X. F. & Zhu, S. F., 1 Mar 2010

    Article in Nuclear Physics A

  68. Bridging the nuclear structure gap between stable and super heavy nuclei

    Seweryniak, D., Khoo, T. L., Ahmad, I., Kondev, F. G., Robinson, A., Tandel, S. K., Asai, M., Back, B. B., Carpenter, M. P., Chowdhury, P., Davids, C. N., Eeckhaudt, S., Greene, J. P., Greenlees, P. T., Gros, S., Hauschild, K., Heinz, A., Herzberg, R-D., Janssens, R. V. F., Jenkins, D. G. & 16 others, Jones, G. D., Ketelhut, S., Lauritsen, T., Lister, C. J., Lopez-Martens, A., Marley, P., McCutchan, E. A., Nakatsukasa, T., Papadakis, P., Peterson, D., Qian, J., Rostron, D., Stefanescu, I., Tandel, U. S., Wang, X. F. & Zhu, S. F., 1 Mar 2010

    Article in Nuclear Physics A

  69. Broadband Mirrors in the Near-Infrared Based on Subwavelength Gratings in SOI

    Ricciardi, A., Campopiano, S., Cusano, A., Krauss, T. F. & O'Faolain, L., Oct 2010

    Article in Ieee photonics journal

  70. Broadly tunable deep blue laser based on a star-shaped oligofluorene truxene

    Wang, Y., Tsiminis, G., Yang, Y., Ruseckas, A., Kanibolotsky, A. L., Perepichka, I. F., Skabara, P. J., Turnbull, G. A. & Samuel, I. D. W., 1 Jul 2010


  71. Burkholderia species are ancient symbionts of legumes

    Bontemps, C., Elliott, G. N., Simon, M. F., Dos Reis Junior, F. B., Gross, E., Lawton, R. C., Neto, N. E., Loureiro, M. D. F., De Faria, S. M., Sprent, J. I., James, E. K. & Young, J. P. W., Jan 2010

    Article in Molecular Ecology

  72. C-15(d, p)C-16 Reaction and Exotic Behavior in C-16

    Wuosmaa, A. H., Back, B. B., Baker, S., Brown, B. A., Deibel, C. M., Fallon, P., Hoffman, C. R., Kay, B. P., Lee, H. Y., Lighthall, J. C., Macchiavelli, A. O., Marley, S. T., Pardo, R. C., Rehm, K. E., Schiffer, J. P., Shetty, D. V. & Wiedeking, M., 23 Sep 2010

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  73. CAESAR-A high-efficiency CsI(Na) scintillator array for in-beam gamma ray spectroscopy with fast rare-isotope beams

    Weisshaar, D., Gade, A., Glasmacher, T., Grinyer, G. F., Bazin, D., Adrich, P., Baugher, T., Cook, J. M., Diget, C. A., McDaniel, S., Ratkiewicz, A., Siwek, K. P. & Walsh, K. A., 21 Dec 2010

    Article in Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research section a-Accelerators spectrometers detectors and associated equipment

  74. CXCR7 functions as a scavenger for CXCL12 and CXCL11

    Naumann, U., Cameroni, E., Pruenster, M., Mahabaleshwar, H., Raz, E., Zerwes, H-G., Rot, A. & Thelen, M., 11 Feb 2010

    Article in PLoS ONE

  75. Calibration of the Total Carbon Column Observing Network using aircraft profile data

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