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  1. Advances in artificial immune systems

    Hart, E., McEwan, C., Timmis, J. & Hone, A., 2011

    Article in Evolutionary Intelligence

  2. Analysing and Understanding the Singing Voice: Recent Progress and Open Questions

    Kob, M., Henrich, N., Herzel, H., Howard, D., Tokuda, I. & Wolfe, J., Sep 2011

    Article in Current bioinformatics

  3. Atomic interfacial structures in Fe/GaAs films

    Fleet, L. R., Kobayashi, H., Ohno, Y. & Hirohata, A., Oct 2011

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

  4. Collisionless shockwave generation in counter-streaming plasmas using Gekko XII HIPER laser

    Ide, T., Tanji, H., Sakawa, Y., Kuramitsu, Y., Kato, T., Takabe, H., Morita, T., Nishio, K., Ohnishi, N., Gregory, C. D., Woolsey, N., Diziere, A., Koenig, M., Wang, S., Dong, Q. & Li, Y., 1 Jan 2011

    Article in Plasma and Fusion Research

  5. Effect of grain size on exchange-biased Heusler alloys

    Endo, H., Hirohata, A., Sagar, J., Fleet, L. R., Nakayama, T. & O'Grady, K., 31 Aug 2011

    Article in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

  6. Evaluation of voice and quality of life after transoral endoscopic laser resection of early glottic carcinoma

    Bajaj, Y., Uppal, S., Sharma, R. K., Grace, A. R. H., Howard, D. M., Nicolaides, A. R. & Coatesworth, A. P., Jul 2011

    Article in Journal of laryngology and otology

  7. First-principles study of atomic hydrogen adsorption on Fe3O4(100)

    Sun, X., Kurahashi, M., Pratt, A. & Yamauchi, Y., Jun 2011

    Article in Surface Science

  8. Influence of Au capping layer on the magnetic properties of ultrathin epitaxial Fe3O4/GaAs(001) film

    Liu, E., Zhang, J. Z., Zhang, W., Wong, P. K. J., Lv, L. Y., Zhai, Y., Wu, J., Xu, Y. B. & Zhai, H. R., 1 Apr 2011

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

  9. Interfacial structure and transport properties of Fe/GaAs(001)

    Fleet, L. R., Kobayashi, H., Ohno, Y., Kim, J. -Y., Barnes, C. H. W. & Hirohata, A., 1 Apr 2011

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

  10. Magnetocrystalline anisotropy of magnetic grains in Co80Pt20: oxide thin films probed by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism

    Zhang, W., Wong, P. K. J., Hu, X. F., Cheng, T. Y., Xu, Y. B., Morton, S. A., Arenholz, E., Lu, B. & Van Der Laan, G., 1 Jun 2011

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

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