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  1. 2012
  2. A survey of monte carlo tree search methods

    Browne, C. B., Powley, E., Whitehouse, D., Lucas, S. M., Cowling, P. I., Rohlfshagen, P., Tavener, S., Perez, D., Samothrakis, S. & Colton, S., 2012

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games

  3. ATSWI3C subunit of the Arabidopsis SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex is involved in the GA response pathway

    Rolicka, A., Bucior, E., Sarnowska, E., Gratkowska, D., Archacki, R., Davis, S. J., Koncz, C., Sarnowski, TJ. & Jerzmanowski, A., 2012

    Article in FEBS Journal

  4. Accounting for correlation in network meta-analysis with multi-arm trials

    Franchini, A. J., Dias, S., Ades, A. E., Jansen, J. P. & Welton, N. J., 2012

    Article in Research Synthesis Methods

  5. Adverse drug reactions in children--a systematic review

    Smyth, R. M. D., Gargon, E., Kirkham, J., Cresswell, L., Golder, S., Smyth, R. & Williamson, P., 2012

    Article in PLoS ONE

  6. Allopurinol reduces antigen-specific and polyclonal activation of human T cells

    Pérez-Mazliah, D., Albareda, M. C., Alvarez, M. G., Lococo, B., Bertocchi, G. L., Petti, M., Viotti, R. J. & Laucella, S. A., 2012

    Article in Frontiers in immunology

  7. Amorphization kinetics of Ni60Nb40 during mechanical alloying

    Schmacher, P., Enayati, M. H. & Cantor, B., 2012, (Accepted/In press)


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