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  1. 2012
  2. Global Financial Crisis, Financial Contagion, and Emerging Markets

    Ozkan, F. G. & Unsal, D. F., 2012, International Monetary Fund.

    Research output: Working paper

  3. Global and National Macroeconometric Modelling: A Long Run Structural Approach

    Shin, Y., Hashem Pesaran, M., Lee, K. & Garratt, A., 2012, Oxford: Oxford University Press. 400 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  4. Health Econometrics

    Jones, A. M., 2012, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online.

    Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle

  5. Increasing Returns, Knowledge Transfers and the Optimal Duration of Equity Joint Ventures

    Mayston, D. J. & Wang, J., 2012, 12/09 ed. York, England: Department of Economics and Related Studies, University of York. 22 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportOther report

  6. Labelling contests with endogenous precision

    Schweinzer, P., Fleckinger, P. & Roussillon, B., 2012, (In preparation) 32 p.

    Research output: Working paperDiscussion paper

  7. Macroeconomic Theory: A Dynamic General Approach to Macroeconomics

    Wickens, M., 2012, 2nd ed ed. Princeton, NJ.: Princeton University Press.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  8. Modeling the volatility of stock returns in periods of Financial market stress

    Zerilli, P. Z. & Baum, C., 2012, (In preparation).

    Research output: Working paper

  9. Nash equilibrium with transferable utility

    Schweinzer, P. & Li, J., 2012, 18 p.

    Research output: Working paperDiscussion paper

  10. Optimal control of inequality under uncertainty

    Forster, M., La Torre, D. & Lambert, P., 2012.

    Research output: Working paperDiscussion paper