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  1. 'Putting Life in Years' (PLINY) telephone friendship groups research study: pilot randomised controlled trial

    Mountain, G. A., Hind, D., Gossage-Worrall, R., Walters, S. J., Duncan, R., Newbould, L., Rex, S., Jones, C., Bowling, A., Cattan, M., Cairns, A., Cooper, C., Edwards, R. T. & Goyder, E. C., 24 Apr 2014

    Article in Trials

  2. 1500 years of soil use reconstructed from the chemical properties of a terraced soil sequence

    Ferro-Vázquez, C., Martínez-Cortizas, A., Nóvoa-Muñoz, J. C., Ballesteros-Arias, P. & Criado-Boado, F., 30 Sep 2014

    Article in Quaternary International

  3. 20 years of research on the Alcator C-Mod tokamak

    Greenwald, M., Bader, A., Baek, S., Bakhtiari, M., Barnard, H., Beck, W., Bergerson, W., Bespamyatnov, I., Bonoli, P., Brower, D., Brunner, D., Burke, W., Candy, J., Churchill, M., Cziegler, I., Diallo, A., Dominguez, A., Duval, B., Edlund, E., Ennever, P. & 72 others, Ernst, D., Faust, I., Fiore, C., Fredian, T., Garcia, O., Gao, C., Goetz, J., Golfinopoulos, T., Granetz, R., Grulke, O., Hartwig, Z., Horne, S., Howard, N., Hubbard, A., Hughes, J., Hutchinson, I., Irby, J., Izzo, V., Kessel, C., Labombard, B., Lau, C., Li, C., Lin, Y., Lipschultz, B., Loarte, A., Marmar, E., Mazurenko, A., McCracken, G., McDermott, R., Meneghini, O., Mikkelsen, D., Mossessian, D., Mumgaard, R., Myra, J., Nelson-Melby, E., Ochoukov, R., Olynyk, G., Parker, R., Pitcher, S., Podpaly, Y., Porkolab, M., Reinke, M., Rice, J., Rowan, W., Schmidt, A., Scott, S., Shiraiwa, S., Sierchio, J., Smick, N., Snipes, J. A., Snyder, P., Sorbom, B., Stillerman, J., Sung, C., Takase, Y., Tang, V., Terry, J., Terry, D., Theiler, C., Tronchin-James, A., Tsujii, N., Vieira, R., Walk, J., Wallace, G., White, A., Whyte, D., Wilson, J., Wolfe, S., Wright, G., Wright, J., Wukitch, S. & Zweben, S., Nov 2014

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  4. Burkholderia sp. Induces Functional Nodules on the South African Invasive Legume Dipogon lignosus (Phaseoleae) in New Zealand Soils

    Liu, W. Y. Y., Ridgway, H. J., James, T. K., James, E. K., Chen, W-M., Sprent, J. I., Young, P. W. & Andrews, M., Oct 2014

    Article in Microbial Ecology

  5. 3He(α, γ)7Be cross section measured using complementary techniques

    Carmona-Gallardo, M., Rojas, A., Borge, M. J. G., Davids, B., Fulton, B. R., Hass, M., Nara Singh, B. S., Ruiz, C. & Tengblad, O., 20 Mar 2014

    Article in EPJ Web of Conferences

  6. K +Λ and K +σ0 photoproduction with fine center-of-mass energy resolution

    Jude, T. C., Glazier, D. I., Watts, D. P., Aguar-Bartolomé, P., Akasoy, L. K., Annand, J. R. M., Arends, H. J., Bantawa, K., Beck, R., Bekrenev, V. S., Berghäuser, H., Braghieri, A., Branford, D., Briscoe, W. J., Brudvik, J., Cherepnya, S., Demissie, B. T., Dieterle, M., Downie, E. J., Fil'kov, L. V. & 50 others, Gregor, R., Heid, E., Hornidge, D., Jaegle, I., Jahn, O., Kashevarov, V. L., Keshelashvili, I., Kondratiev, R., Korolija, M., Koulbardis, A. A., Kruglov, S. P., Krusche, B., Lisin, V., Livingston, K., MacGregor, I. J. D., Maghrbi, Y., Manley, D. M., Marinides, Z., Mart, T., Martinez, M., McGeorge, J. C., McNicoll, E. F., Middleton, D. G., Mushkarenkov, A., Nefkens, B. M. K., Nikolaev, A., Nikonov, V. A., Oberle, M., Ostrick, M., Otte, P. B., Oussena, B., Pedroni, P., Pheron, F., Polonski, A., Prakhov, S., Rosner, G., Rostomyan, T., Sarantsev, A. V., Schumann, S., Sikora, M. H., Sober, D. I., Starostin, A., Strakovsky, I., Suarez, I. M., Supek, I., Thiel, M., Unverzagt, M., Werthmüller, D., Witthauer, L. & Zehr, F., 30 Jul 2014

    Article in Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics

  7. A 4D sedimentological approach to reconstructing the flood frequency and intensity of the Rhône River (Lake Bourget, NW European Alps)

    Jenny, J-P., Wilhelm, B., Arnaud, F., Sabatier, P., Giguet Covex, C., Mélo, A., Fanget, B., Malet, E., Ployon, E. & Perga, M. E., Apr 2014

    Article in Journal of paleolimnology

  8. A Correspondence between Individual Differences in the Brain's Intrinsic Functional Architecture and the Content and Form of Self-Generated Thoughts

    Gorgolewski, K. J., Lurie, D., Urchs, S., Kipping, J. A., Craddock, R. C., Milham, M. P., Margulies, D. S. & Smallwood, J., 13 May 2014

    Article in PLoS ONE

  9. A H+-ATPase That Energizes Nutrient Uptake during Mycorrhizal Symbioses in Rice and Medicago truncatula

    Wang, E., Yu, N., Bano, S. A., Liu, C., Miller, A. J., Cousins, D., Zhang, X., Ratet, P., Tadege, M., Mysore, K. S., Downie, J. A., Murray, J. D., Oldroyd, G. E. D. & Schultze, M., Apr 2014

    Article in The Plant Cell

  10. A Measurement of Total Reactive Nitrogen, NOy, together with NO2, NO, and O3 via Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy

    Wild, R. J., Edwards, P. M., Dubé, W. P., Baumann, K., Edgerton, E. S., Quinn, P. K., Roberts, J. M., Rollins, A. W., Veres, P. R., Warneke, C., Williams, E. J., Yuan, B. & Brown, S. S., 14 Jul 2014

    Article in Environmental science & technology

  11. A Nonsense Mutation in Mouse Tardbp Affects TDP43 Alternative Splicing Activity and Causes Limb-Clasping and Body Tone Defects

    Ricketts, T., McGoldrick, P., Fratta, P., de Oliveira, H. M., Kent, R., Phatak, V., Brandner, S., Blanco, G., Greensmith, L., Acevedo-Arozena, A. & Fisher, E. M. C., 21 Jan 2014

    Article in PLoS ONE

  12. A Phase Transition in a Quenched Amorphous Ferromagnet

    Daletskii, A., Kondratiev, Y., Kozitsky, Y. & Pasurek, T., Jul 2014

    Article in Journal of Statistical Physics

  13. A Video Database for the Development of Stereo-3D Post-Production Algorithms

    Corrigan, D., Pitea, F., Gorzel, M., Kearney, G. C., Morris, V., Rankin, A., Linnane, M., O' Dea, M., Lee, C. & Kokaram, A., 14 Jan 2014

    Article in Journal for Virtual Reality and Broadcasting

  14. A case study of aerosol scavenging in a biomass burning plume over eastern Canada during the 2011 BORTAS field experiment

    Franklin, J. E., Drummond, J. R., Griffin, D., Pierce, J. R., Waugh, D. L., Palmer, P. I., Parrington, M., Lee, J. D., Lewis, A. C., Rickard, A. R., Taylor, J. W., Allan, J. D., Coe, H., Walker, K. A., Chisholm, L., Duck, T. J., Hopper, J. T., Blanchard, Y., Gibson, M. D., Curry, K. R. & 5 others, Sakamoto, K. M., Lesins, G., Dan, L., Kliever, J. & Saha, A., 21 Aug 2014

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

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