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  1. A competitive partnership formation process

    Andersson, T., Gudmundsson, J., Talman, D. & Yang, Z., Jul 2014

    Article in Games and Economic Behaviour

  2. Phase-sensitive amplification in silicon photonic crystal waveguides

    Zhang, Y., Husko, C., Schröder, J., Lefrancois, S., Rey, I. H., Krauss, T. F. & Eggleton, B. J., 15 Jan 2014

    Article in Optics Letters

  3. Tuning dirac states by strain in the topological insulator Bi2 Se3

    Liu, Y., Li, Y. Y., Rajput, S., Gilks, D., Lari, L., Galindo, P. L., Weinert, M., Lazarov, V. K. & Li, L., 16 Mar 2014

    Article in Nature Physics