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  1. All the colours of the rainbow

    Smithson, H. E., Gasper, G. E. M. & McLeish, T. C. B., Aug 2014

    Comment/debate in Nature Physics

  2. Bright electron twisters

    Yuan, J., 1 May 2014

    Comment/debate in Nature

  3. Comment on “Quantitatively evaluating the effects of CO2 emission on temperature rise”

    Richardson, M., Stolpe, M. B., Jacobs, P., Jokimäki, A. & Cowtan, K., 26 Jun 2014

    Comment/debate in Quaternary International

  4. Ebola and the social media

    Fung, IC-H., Tse, Z. T. H., Cheung, C-N., Miu, A. S. & Fu, K-W., 20 Dec 2014

    Comment/debate in The Lancet

  5. Human bipedalism and the importance of terrestriality

    Winder, I. C., King, G. C. P., Deves, M. & Bailey, G., Sep 2014

    Comment/debate in Antiquity

  6. It might happen in the very beginning. Reply to Ericsson

    De Bruin, A. B. H., Kok, E. M., Leppink, J. & Camp, G., 1 Jul 2014

    Comment/debate in Intelligence