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  1. miR-25 modulates invasiveness and dissemination of human prostate cancer cells via regulation of αv- and α6 integrin expression

    Zoni, E., van der Horst, G., van de Merbel, A. F., Chen, L., Rane, J. K., Pelger, R. C. M., Collins, A. T., Visakorpi, T., Snaar-Jagalska, B. E., Maitland, N. J. & van der Pluijm, G., 1 Jun 2015

    Article in Cancer research

  2. mVps45 knockdown selectively modulates VAMP expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

    Sadler, J. B. A., Roccisana, J., Virolainen, M., Bryant, N. J. & Gould, G. W., 24 Jun 2015

    Article in Communicative & integrative biology

  3. klf2ash317 Mutant Zebrafish Do Not Recapitulate Morpholino-Induced Vascular and Haematopoietic Phenotypes

    Novodvorsky, P., Watson, O., Gray, C., Wilkinson, R. N., Reeve, S., Smythe, C., Beniston, R., Plant, K., Maguire, R., M K Rothman, A., Elworthy, S., van Eeden, F. J. M. & Chico, T. J. A., 2015

    Article in PLoS ONE

  4. Young people's decisions about biologic therapies: who influences them and how?

    Hart, R. I., Foster, H. E., McDonagh, J. E., Thompson, B., Kay, L., Myers, A. & Rapley, T., 1 Jul 2015

    Article in Rheumatology

  5. Young children show the bystander effect in helping situations

    Ploetner, M., Over, H., Carpenter, M. & Tomasello, M., Apr 2015

    Article in Psychological Science

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