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  3. Growth-friendly dictatorships

    De Luca, G., Litina, A. & Sekeris, P. G., Feb 2015

    Article in Journal of comparative economics

  4. Hidden Markov structures for dynamic copulae

    Härdle, W. K., Okhrin, O. & Wang, W., Oct 2015

    Article in Econometric Theory

  5. How do hospitals respond to price changes? Evidence from Norway

    Januleviciute, J., Askildsen, J. E., Kaarboe, O., Siciliani, L. & Sutton, M., 2015

    Article in Health Economics

  6. Neighbourhood socioeconomic disadvantage and fruit and vegetable consumption: a seven countries comparison

    Ball, K., Lamb, K., Costa, C., Cutumisu, N., Ellaway, A., Kamphuis, C., Mentz, G., Pearce, J., Santana, P., Santos, R., Schulz, A., Spence, J., Thornton, L., van Lenthe, F. & Zenk, S., 22 May 2015

    Article in The international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity

  7. Policy: Development goals should enable decision-making

    Shepherd, K., Hubbard, D., Fenton, N., Claxton, K., Luedeling, E. & de Leeuw, J., 9 Jul 2015

    Article in Nature

  8. Steven Dowrick 7 May 1953 – 3 August 2013: Tributes.

    Harcourt, G., Mumford, K. A., Spencer, B., Chapman, B. & Racionero, M., Dec 2015

    Article in The Economic and Labour Relations Review

  9. The influence of cost-effectiveness and other factors on NICE decisions

    Dakin, H., Devlin, N., Feng, Y., Rice, N., O'Neill, P. & Parkin, D., Oct 2015

    Article in Health Economics