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  1. 2015
  2. Breaking the vehicular wireless communications barriers: Vertical handover techniques for heterogeneous networks

    Marquez-Barja, J. M., Ahmadi, H., Tornell, S. M., Calafate, C., Cano, J., Manzoni, P. & Da Silva, L., Dec 2015

    Article in Vehicular Technology, IEEE Transactions on

  3. Laser-driven x-ray and neutron source development for industrial applications of plasma accelerators

    Brenner, C. M., Mirfayzi, S. R., Rusby, D. R., Armstrong, C., Alejo, A., Wilson, L. A., Clarke, R., Ahmed, H., Butler, N. M. H., Haddock, D., Higginson, A., McClymont, A., Murphy, C., Notley, M., Oliver, P., Allott, R., Hernandez-Gomez, C., Kar, S., McKenna, P. & Neely, D., 26 Nov 2015

    Article in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

  4. Design and Fabrication of MR-Tracked Metallic Stylet for Gynecologic Brachytherapy

    Chen, Y., Wang, W., Schmidt, E. J., Kwok, K-W., Viswanathan, A. N., Cormack, R. & Tse, Z. T. H., 24 Nov 2015

    Article in IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics

  5. Effect of Superparamagnetic Fe3O4 Nanoparticles on Schottky Barriers of Graphene

    Zhang, J., Wu, Z., Zhang, M., Niu, W., Gao, M., Zhou, Y., Liu, W., Wang, X., Zhang, R. & Xu, Y., 1 Nov 2015

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

  6. Modelling DNA origami self-assembly at the domain level

    Dannenberg, F., Dunn, K., Bath, J., Kwiatkowska, M., Turberfield, A. & Ouldridge, T., 28 Oct 2015

    Article in Journal of Chemical Physics

  7. Decoupling competing surface binding kinetics and reconfiguration of receptor footprint for ultrasensitive stress assays

    Patil, S. B., Vögtli, M., Webb, B., Mazza, G., Pinzani, M., Soh, Y. A., McKendry, R. A. & Ndieyira, J. W., 1 Oct 2015

    Article in Nature Nanotechnology

  8. Atomic-Scale Magnetism of Cr-Doped Bi2Se3 Thin Film Topological Insulators

    Liu, W., West, D., He, L., Xu, Y., Liu, J., Wang, K., Wang, Y., van der Laan, G., Zhang, R., Zhang, S. & Wang, K. L., 8 Sep 2015

    Article in ACS Nano

  9. Guiding the folding pathway of DNA origami

    Dunn, K., Dannenberg, F., Ouldridge, T., Kwiatkowska, M., Turberfield, A. & Bath, J., 3 Sep 2015

    Letter in Nature

  10. Ultrafast and Distinct Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Alloys

    Radu, I., Stamm, C., Eschenlohr, A., Radu, F., Abrudan, R., Vahaplar, K., Kachel, T., Pontius, N., Mitzner, R., Holldack, K., Föhlisch, A., Ostler, T. A., Mentink, J. H., Evans, R. F. L., Chantrell, R. W., Tsukamoto, A., Itoh, A., Kirilyuk, A., Kimel, A. V. & Rasing, T., 1 Sep 2015

    Article in Spin

  11. Roadmap for Emerging Materials for Spintronic Device Applications

    Hirohata, A., Sukegawa, H., Yanagihara, H., Zutic, I., Seki, T., Mizukami, S. & Swaminathan, R., 16 Jul 2015

    Article in Advances in magnetics

  12. High-Mobility Sm-Doped Bi<inf>2</inf>Se<inf>3</inf> Ferromagnetic Topological Insulators and Robust Exchange Coupling

    Chen, T., Liu, W., Zheng, F., Gao, M., Pan, X., Van Der Laan, G., Wang, X., Zhang, Q., Song, F., Wang, B., Wang, B., Xu, Y., Wang, G. & Zhang, R., 14 Jul 2015

    Article in Advanced Materials

  13. Atomic-Scale Interfacial Magnetism in Fe/Graphene Heterojunction

    Liu, W. Q., Wang, W. Y., Wang, J. J., Wang, F. Q., Lu, C., Jin, F., Zhang, A., Zhang, Q. M., van der Laan, G., Xu, Y. B., Li, Q. X. & Zhang, R., 6 Jul 2015

    Article in Scientific Reports

  14. Online Two-Section PV Array Fault Diagnosis with Optimized Voltage Sensor Locations

    Hu, Y., Zhang, J., Cao, W., Wu, J., Tian, G. Y., Finney, S. & Kirtley, J. L., 19 Jun 2015

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

  15. X-ray magnetic circular dichroism study of epitaxial magnetite ultrathin film on MgO(100)

    Liu, W. Q., Song, M. Y., Maltby, N. J., Li, S. P., Lin, J. G., Samant, M. G., Parkin, S. S. P., Bencok, P., Steadman, P., Dobrynin, A., Xu, Y. B. & Zhang, R., 7 May 2015

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

  16. Chinese social media reaction to information about 42 notifiable infectious diseases

    Fung, IC-H., Hao, Y., Cai, J., Ying, Y., Schaible, B. J., Yu, C. M., Tse, Z. T. H. & Fu, K-W., 6 May 2015

    Article in PLoS ONE

  17. Real-time active MR-tracking of metallic stylets in MR-guided radiation therapy

    Wang, W., Dumoulin, C. L., Viswanathan, A. N., Tse, Z. T. H., Mehrtash, A., Loew, W., Norton, I., Tokuda, J., Seethamraju, R. T., Kapur, T., Damato, A. L., Cormack, R. A. & Schmidt, E. J., 1 May 2015

    Article in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

  18. Toward a consensus on symbolic notation of harmonics, resonances, and formants in vocalization

    Titze, I., Baken, R., Bozeman, K., Granqvist, S., Henrich, N., Herbst, C., Howard, D. M., Kaelin, D., Kent, R., Kob, M., McCoy, S., Miller, D., Nue, H., Scherer, S., Smith, J., Story, B., Svec, J., Ternstrom, S., Wolfe, J. & Hunter, E., May 2015

    Article in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

  19. Magnetohydrodynamic-Driven Design of Microscopic Endocapsules in MRI

    Gregory, T. S., Wu, K. J., Yu, J., Box, J. B., Cheng, R., Mao, L., Tang, G. & Tse, Z. T. H., 23 Apr 2015

    Article in IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics

  20. On Laser Ranging Based on High-Speed/Energy Laser Diode Pulses and Single-Photon Detection Techniques

    Kostamovaara, J., Huikari, J., Hallman, L., Nissinen, I., Nissinen, J., Rapakko, H., Avrutin, E. & Ryvkin, B., 1 Apr 2015

    Article in Ieee photonics journal

  21. Cyber-attack risk low for medical devices

    Tse, Z. T. H., Xu, S., Fung, IC-H. & Wood, B. J., 20 Mar 2015

    Letter in Science

  22. Drones: Balancing risk and potential

    Stan Gregory, T., Tse, Z. T. H. & Lewis, D., 20 Mar 2015

    Letter in Science

  23. Magnetic interactions in BiFe0.5Mn0.5O3 films and BiFeO3/BiMnO3 superlattices

    Xu, Q., Sheng, Y., Khalid, M., Cao, Y., Wang, Y., Qiu, X., Zhang, W., He, M., Wang, S., Zhou, S., Li, Q., Wu, D., Zhai, Y., Liu, W., Wang, P., Xu, Y. B. & Du, J., 13 Mar 2015

    Article in Scientific Reports

  24. Fabrication and characterization of Fe-doped In2O3 dilute magnetic semiconducting nanowires

    Zhang, J. R., Wu, Z. Y., Liu, Y. J., Lv, Z. P., Niu, W., Wang, X. F., Du, J., Liu, W. Q., Zhang, R., Xu, Y. B. & Xu, Y., 1 Mar 2015

    Article in Chinese physics letters

  25. Converting Big Data into public health

    Fung, IC-H., Tse, Z. T. H. & Fu, K-W., 6 Feb 2015

    Letter in Science

  26. Overview of the European project STRUCTURES

    van de Beek, S., Dawson, J., Flintoft, I. D., Leferink, F., Mora, N., Rachidi, F. & Righero, M., 27 Jan 2015

    Article in Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine, IEEE

  27. Enhancing magnetic ordering in Cr-doped Bi2Se3 using high-TC ferrimagnetic insulator

    Liu, W., He, L., Xu, Y., Murata, K., Onbasli, M. C., Lang, M., Maltby, N. J., Li, S., Wang, X., Ross, C. A., Bencok, P., Van Der Laan, G., Zhang, R. & Wang, K. L., 14 Jan 2015

    Article in Nano Letters

  28. The Influence of Two-Dimensional Organization on Peptide Conformation

    White, S., Johnson, S. D., Sellick, M., Bronowska, A., Stockley, P. & Walti, C., 12 Jan 2015

    Article in Angewandte chemie-International edition

  29. Evolvable robot hardware

    Winfield, A. F. T. & Timmis, J., 1 Jan 2015

    Article in Natural Computing Series

  30. Evaluation of an active magnetic resonance tracking system for interstitial brachytherapy

    Wang, W., Viswanathan, A. N., Damato, A. L., Chen, Y., Tse, Z., Pan, L., Tokuda, J., Seethamraju, R. T., Dumoulin, C. L., Schmidt, E. J. & Cormack, R. A., 2015

    Article in Medical Physics

  31. Resilience within Ultrascale Computing System: Challenges and Opportunities from NESUS Project

    Bouvry, P., Mayer, R., Muszynski, J., Petcu, D., Rauber, A., Tempesti, G., Trinh, T. & Varrette, S., 2015

    Article in Supercomputing frontiers and innovations

  32. Robots that can adapt like animals

    Cully, A., Clune, J., Tarapore, D. S. & Mouret, J-B., 2015

    Article in Nature