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  1. Atomic-Scale Interfacial Magnetism in Fe/Graphene Heterojunction

    Liu, W. Q., Wang, W. Y., Wang, J. J., Wang, F. Q., Lu, C., Jin, F., Zhang, A., Zhang, Q. M., van der Laan, G., Xu, Y. B., Li, Q. X. & Zhang, R., 6 Jul 2015

    Article in Scientific Reports

  2. Atomic-Scale Magnetism of Cr-Doped Bi2Se3 Thin Film Topological Insulators

    Liu, W., West, D., He, L., Xu, Y., Liu, J., Wang, K., Wang, Y., van der Laan, G., Zhang, R., Zhang, S. & Wang, K. L., 8 Sep 2015

    Article in ACS Nano

  3. Effect of Superparamagnetic Fe3O4 Nanoparticles on Schottky Barriers of Graphene

    Zhang, J., Wu, Z., Zhang, M., Niu, W., Gao, M., Zhou, Y., Liu, W., Wang, X., Zhang, R. & Xu, Y., 1 Nov 2015

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

  4. Enhancing magnetic ordering in Cr-doped Bi2Se3 using high-TC ferrimagnetic insulator

    Liu, W., He, L., Xu, Y., Murata, K., Onbasli, M. C., Lang, M., Maltby, N. J., Li, S., Wang, X., Ross, C. A., Bencok, P., Van Der Laan, G., Zhang, R. & Wang, K. L., 14 Jan 2015

    Article in Nano Letters

  5. Evolvable robot hardware

    Winfield, A. F. T. & Timmis, J., 1 Jan 2015

    Article in Natural Computing Series

  6. Fabrication and characterization of Fe-doped In2O3 dilute magnetic semiconducting nanowires

    Zhang, J. R., Wu, Z. Y., Liu, Y. J., Lv, Z. P., Niu, W., Wang, X. F., Du, J., Liu, W. Q., Zhang, R., Xu, Y. B. & Xu, Y., 1 Mar 2015

    Article in Chinese physics letters

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