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  1. A Material Culture: Consumption and materiality on the pre-colonial coast of East Africa

    Wynne-Jones, S., 1 May 2016, Oxford University Press. 256 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  2. A Unique Engraved Shale Pendant from the Site of Star Carr: the oldest Mesolithic art in Britain

    Milner, N., Bamforth, M., Beale, G., Carty, J., Chatzipanagis, K., Croft, S. C. K., Conneller, C., Elliott, B. J., Fitton, L. C., Knight, B., Kröger, R., Little, A. P., Needham, A., Robson, H. K., Rowley, C. C. A. & Taylor, B., Feb 2016

    Article in Internet Archaeology

  3. A Vinča potscape: formal chronological models for the use and development of Vinča ceramics in south-east Europe

    Whittle, A., Bayliss, A., Barclay, A., Gaydarska, B., Bánffy, E., Borić, D., Draşovean, F., Jakucs, J., Marić, M., Orton, D. C., Pantović, I., Schier, W., Tasić, N. & Vander Linden, M., 30 Dec 2016

    Article in Documenta Praehistorica

  4. A mass spectrometry method for the determination of the species of origin of gelatine in foods and pharmaceutical products

    Grundy, H. H., Reece, P., Buckley, M., Solazzo, C. M., Dowle, A. A., Ashford, D., Charlton, A. J., Wadsley, M. K. & Collins, M. J., 1 Jan 2016

    Article in Food Chemistry

  5. Advances in virtual archaeology: Research, preservation, and dissemination

    Profico, A., Di Vincenzo, F., Bellucci, L., Strani, F., Tafuri, M. A. & Manzi, G., 1 Jan 2016, IMEKO International Conference on Metrology for Archeology and Cultural Heritage, MetroArcheo 2016. IMEKO-International Measurement Federation Secretariat, Vol. 2016-October. p. 89-94 6 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  6. Analysis of the placement of disarticulated human remains in Stone Age shell middens in Europe

    Hellewell, E. R. & Milner, N., 2016, Mesolithic burials: rites, symbols and social organisation of early postglacial communities. Grunbery, J., Gramsch, B., Larsson, L., Orschiedt, J. & Meller, H. (eds.). Halle: Landesamt für Denkmalpflege une Archäologie Sachsen-Anhalt – Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte, p. 545-554

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter (peer-reviewed)

  7. ArchAIDE-Archaeological Automatic Interpretation and Documentation of cEramics

    Richards, J. D., Gualandi, M. L., Scopingo, R., Wolf, L., Garrigos, J. B. I., Heinzelmann, M., Hervas, M. A., Vila, L. & Zallocco, M., 5 Oct 2016, Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage. Catalana, C. E. & De Luca, L. (eds.).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  8. Archaeological Approaches to the Study of Recent Warfare

    Schofield, A. J. & Cocroft, W., 2016, Routledge Companion to Military Research Methods. Williams, A., Jenkings, N., Woodward, R. & Rech, M. (eds.). London: Routledge, p. 95-112

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  9. Archaeological Detection

    Hendy, J. R., 1 Dec 2016, The Oxford Companion to Cheese. Donnelly, C. (ed.). Oxford University Press, p. 36-37

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingEntry for encyclopedia/dictionary

  10. Archaeology as a tool for understanding past marine resource use and its impact

    Orton, D. C., May 2016, Perspectives on Oceans Past: A Handbook of Marine Environmental History. Schwerdtner Máñez, K. & Poulsen, B. (eds.). New York: Springer, p. 47-69

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  11. Art and Architecture in Neolithic Orkney: Process, Temporality and Context

    Thomas, A. S., 2016, Oxford: Archaeopress. 274 p. (University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute Research Series; no. 1)

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  12. BLOG POST: Communicating scientific research to a wider audience – lessons from the IPCC

    Richer, S., 15 Feb 2016

    Research output: Non-textual formWeb publication/site

  13. Beebots-a-lula, Where's My Honey? Design Fictions and Beekeeping

    Edwards, L., Maxwell, D., Pillatt, T. & Downing, N., 23 Oct 2016, Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI '16).: Game-Changing Design, NordiCHI 2016. ACM, Vol. 23-27-October-2016. 10 p. a79

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

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