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  2. Aerial base stations with opportunistic links for next generation emergency communications

    Gomez, K., Sithamparanathan, K., Vidal, M., Boussemart, V., Ramos, R., Hermenier, R., Rasheed, T., Goratti, L., Grace, D., Zhao, Q., Han, Y., Rehan Sarria, S., Morozs, N., Jiang, T., Bucaille, I., Charpentier, P., Wirth, T., Campo, R. & Javornik, T., 19 Apr 2016

    Article in Ieee communications magazine

  3. Depinning of domain walls in permalloy nanowires with asymmetric notches

    Gao, Y., Ruan, X., You, B., LIU, Y. M., Lin, H-Y., F. Zhan, Q., Wu, J., Xu, Y. & Du, J., 7 Sep 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

  4. Designing and Implementing Future Aerial Communication Networks

    Sathyanarayanan, C., Gomez, K., Al-Hourani, A., Sithamparanathan, K., Rasheed, T., Goratti, L., Reynaud, L., Grace, D., Bucaille, I., Wirth, T. & Allsop, S., May 2016

    Article in Ieee communications magazine

  5. Electrical transport properties and temperature-dependent magnetization behavior of TbZn-substituted Ca0.5Ba0.5Fe12O19 hexaferrites

    Khan, H. M., Islam, M. U., Xu, Y., Ali, I., Asif Iqbal, M., Ishaque, M., Khan, M. A., Karamat, N. & Sadiq, I., 1 Apr 2016

    Article in Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

  6. Element specific spin and orbital moments of nanoscale CoFeB amorphous thin films on GaAs(100)

    Yan, Y., Lu, C., Tu, H., Lu, X., Liu, W., Wang, J., Ye, L., Will, I., Kuerbanjiang, B., Lazarov, V. K., Wu, J., Wong, J., You, B., Du, J., Zhang, R. & Xu, Y., 13 Sep 2016

    Article in RSC Advances

  7. Enhancing the Spin-Orbit Coupling in Fe3O4 Epitaxial Thin Films by Interface Engineering

    Huang, Z., Liu, W., Yue, J., Zhou, Q., Zhang, W., Lu, Y., Sui, Y., Zhai, Y., Chen, Q., Dong, S., Wang, J., Xu, Y. & Wang, B., 12 Oct 2016

    Article in ACS applied materials & interfaces

  8. Evidence for ferromagnetic coupling at the doped topological insulator/ferrimagnetic insulator interface

    Liu, W., He, L., Zhou, Y., Murata, K., Onbasli, M. C., Ross, C. A., Jiang, Y., Wang, Y., Xu, Y., Zhang, R. & Wang, K. L., 1 May 2016

    Article in RSC Advances

  9. Exchange bias effects in Heusler alloy Ni2MnAl/Fe bilayers

    Tsuchiya, T., Kubota, T., Sugiyama, T., Huminiuc, T., Hirohata, A. & Takanashi, K., 12 May 2016

    Article in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

  10. Fusion measurements of 12C+12C at energies of astrophysical interest

    Santiago-Gonzalez, D., Jiang, C. L., Rehm, K. E., Alcorta, M., Almaraz-Calderon, S., Avila, M. L., Ayangeakaa, A. D., Back, B. B., Bourgin, D., Bucher, B., Carpenter, M. P., Courtin, S., David, H. M., Deibel, C. M., Dickerson, C., Digiovine, B., Fang, X., Greene, J. P., Haas, F., Henderson, D. J. & 12 others, Janssens, R. V. F., Jenkins, D., Lai, J., Lauritsen, T., Lefebvre-Schuhl, A., Montanari, D., Pardo, R. C., Paul, M., Seweryniak, D., Tang, X. D., Ugalde, C. & Zhu, S., 11 May 2016

    Article in EPJ Web of Conferences

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