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  1. 2016
  2. Augmenting Live Coding with Evolved Patterns

    Hickinbotham, S. J. & Stepney, S., 2016, International Conference on Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music and Art; EvoMusArt 2016. Springer, Vol. 9596. p. 31–46 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter (peer-reviewed)

  3. Power-balance in the time-domain for IEMI coupling prediction

    Dawson, J. F., Flintoft, I. D., Marvin, A. C., Robinson, M. P. & Dawson, L., 2016, European Electromagnetics (EUROEM) 2016 Book of Abstracts. 1 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  4. Reservoir Computing in Materio: An Evaluation of Configuration through Evolution

    Dale, M. N., Stepney, S., Miller, J. F. & Trefzer, M. A., 2016, IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI), 2016 . IEEE

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter (peer-reviewed)

  5. Hybrid Societies: Challenges and Perspectives in the Design of Collective Behavior in Self-organizing Systems

    Hamann, H., Khaluf, Y., Botev, J., Divband Soorati, M., Ferrante, E., Kosak, O., Montanier, J-M., Mostaghim, S., Redpath, R., Timmis, J., Veenstra, F., Wahby, M. & Zamuda, A., 11 Apr 2016

    Article in Frontiers in Robotics and AI

  6. Synergistic Biomineralization Phenomena Created by a Combinatorial Nacre Protein Model System

    Chang, E., Roncal-Herrero, T., Morgan, T. L., Dunn, K. E., Rao, A., A.M.R. Kunitake, J., Lui, S., Bilton, M. W., Estroff, L., Kröger, R., Johnson, S. D. & Evans, J., 13 Apr 2016

    Article in Biochemistry

  7. Aerial base stations with opportunistic links for next generation emergency communications

    Gomez, K., Sithamparanathan, K., Vidal, M., Boussemart, V., Ramos, R., Hermenier, R., Rasheed, T., Goratti, L., Grace, D., Zhao, Q., Han, Y., Rehan Sarria, S., Morozs, N., Jiang, T., Bucaille, I., Charpentier, P., Wirth, T., Campo, R. & Javornik, T., 19 Apr 2016

    Article in IEEE Communications Magazine

  8. Widening Participation and Supporting Students in Electrical and Information Engineering

    Ward, A. E., Grout, I. & Grindei, L., 27 Apr 2016, The AHEAD Journal, 3, p. 1-16.

    Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle

  9. The role of chemical structure on the magnetic and electronic properties of Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5/Si(111) interface

    Kuerbanjiang, B., Nedelkoski, Z., Kepaptsoglou, D., Ghasemi, A., Glover, S., Yamada, S., Saerbeck, T., Ramasse, Q., Hasnip, P. J., Hase, T. P. A., Bell, G. R., Hamaya, K., Hirohata, A. & Lazarov, V., 29 Apr 2016

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

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