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  1. 2017
  2. Labile plasma iron levels predict survival in patients with lower-risk Myelodysplastic syndromes

    de Swart, L., Reiniers, C., Bagguley, T., van Marrewijk, C., Bowen, D., Hellström-Lindberg, E., Tatic, A., Symeonidis, A., Huls, G., Cermak, J., van de Loosdrecht, A. A., Garelius, H., Culligan, D., Macheta, M., Spanoudakis, M., Panagiotidis, P., Krejci, M., Blijlevens, N., Langemeijer, S., Droste, J. & 3 others, Swinkels, D. W., Smith, A. & de Witte, T., 9 Nov 2017

    Article in Haematologica-The hematology journal

  3. Porphyrin-Assisted Docking of a Thermophage Portal Protein into Lipid Bilayers: Nanopore Engineering and Characterization

    Cressiot, B., Greive, S. J., Si, W., Pascoa, T. C., Mojtabavi, M., Chechik, M., Jenkins, H. T., Lu, X., Zhang, K., Aksimentiev, A., Antson, A. A. & Wanunu, M., 9 Nov 2017

    Article in ACS Nano

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