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  1. 2017
  2. Accurate Representations of the Physicochemical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols: When are Laboratory Measurements of Value?

    Marsh, A., Rovelli, G., Song, Y-C., Pereira, K. L., Willoughby, R., Bzdek, B., Hamilton, J. F., Orr-Ewing, A., Topping, D. & Jonathan, R., 27 Jan 2017

    Article in Faraday Discuss.

  3. Power exhaust by SOL and pedestal radiation at ASDEX Upgrade and JET

    Bernert, M., Wischmeier, M., Huber, A., Reimold, F., Lipschultz, B., Lowry, C., Dux, R., Eich, T., Kallenbach, A., Lebschy, A., McDermott, R., Pütterich, T. & Wiesen, S., 27 Jan 2017

    Article in Nuclear Materials and Energy

  4. A bias adjusted evidence synthesis of RCT and observational data: the case of total hip replacement

    Schnell-Inderst, P., Iglesias Urrutia, C. P., Arvandi, M., Ciani, O., Matteucci Gothe, R., Peters, J., AW, B., Taylor, RS. & Siebert, U., 31 Jan 2017

    Article in Health Economics

  5. Key recommendations from the MedtecHTA project

    for the MedtecHTA Project Group, 31 Jan 2017

    Article in Health Economics

  6. Enhanced ozone loss by active inorganic bromine chemistry in the tropical troposphere

    Breton, M. L., Bannan, T. J., Shallcross, D. E., Khan, M. A., Evans, M. J., Lee, J., Lidster, R., Andrews, S., Carpenter, L. J., Schmidt, J., Jacob, D., Harris, N. R. P., Bauguitte, S., Gallagher, M., Bacak, A., Leather, K. E. & Percival, C. J., 3 Feb 2017

    Article in Atmospheric Environment

  7. Wildfire impact: natural experiment reveals differential short-term changes in soil microbial communities

    Prendergast-Miller, M. T., De Menezes, A. B., Macdonald, L. M., Toscas, P., Bissett, A., Baker, G., Farrell, M., Richardson, A. E., Wark, T. & Thrall, P. H., 9 Feb 2017

    Article in Soil Biology and Biochemistry

  8. Predicting drinking outcomes: Evidence from the United Kingdom Alcohol Treatment Trial (UKATT)

    Dale, V. M., Heather, N., Adamson, S., Coulton, S., Copello, A., Godfrey, C. A., Hodgson, R., Orford, J., Raistrick, D., Tober, G. & Team, O. B. O. T. UKATT. R., 15 Feb 2017

    Article in Addictive Behaviors

  9. CO2 Catalysis

    Kleij, A. W., North, M. & Urakawa, A., 20 Feb 2017

    Article in CHEMSUSCHEM

  10. Chimpanzees with positive welfare are happier, extraverted, and emotionally stable

    Robinson, L. M., Altschul, D. M., Wallace, E. K., Úbeda, Y., Llorente, M., Machanda, Z., Slocombe, K. E., Leach, M. C., Waran, N. K. & Weiss, A., 20 Feb 2017

    Article in Applied Animal Behaviour Science

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