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  1. 2018
  2. Potential drug targets in the pentose phosphate pathway of trypanosomatids.

    Loureiro, I., Correia Faria, J. R., Santarem, N., Smith, T. K., Tavares, J. & Cordeiro-da-Silva, A., 2018

    Article in Current Medicinal Chemistry

  3. Scaling marine fish movement behaviour from individuals to populations

    Griffiths, C., Patterson, T., Blanchard, J. L., Righton, D. A., Wright, S., Pitchford, J. W. & Blackwell, P. G., 2018

    Article in Ecology and Evolution

  4. Identification of iridoid synthases from Nepeta species: Iridoid cyclization does not determine nepetalactone stereochemistry

    Sherden, N. H., Lichman, B., Caputi, L., Zhao, D., Kamileen, M. O., Buell, C. R. & O'Connor, S. E., 1 Jan 2018


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