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  1. Modeling of DNA replication in rapidly growing bacteria with one and two replication origins

    Hawkins, M. S., Retkute, R., Nieduszynski, C. & Rudolph, C., 24 Jun 2018.

    Research output: Working paper

  2. Temperature but not the circadian clock determines nocturnal carbohydrate availability for growth in cereals

    Müller, L. M., Gol, L., Jeon, J-S., Weber, A. P. M., Davis, S. J. & von Korff, M., 6 Jul 2018, (bioRxiv).

    Research output: Working paper

  3. The effectiveness of glass beads for plating cell cultures

    Hawkins, M. S., Prusokas, A., Nieduszynski, C. A. & Retkute, R., 2 Jan 2018.

    Research output: Working paper