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  1. 2019
  2. Multiple Dimensions of Work Intensity: Ambulance Work as Edgework

    Granter, E., Wankhade, P., McCann, L., Hassard, J. & Hyde, P., Apr 2019

    Article in Work, Employment and Society

  3. Variations in the provision and cost of oral healthcare in 11 European countries: a case study

    Eaton, K. A., Ramsdale, M., Leggett, H., Csikar, J., Vinall-Collier, K., Whelton, H. & Douglas, G., Apr 2019

    Article in International Dental Journal

  4. Simulation-based education for novices: complex learning tasks promote reflective practice

    Tremblay, M. L., Leppink, J., Leclerc, G., Rethans, J. J. & Dolmans, D. H. J. M., 1 Apr 2019

    Article in Medical Education

  5. Reinforcing pillars for quality culture development: a path analytic model

    Bendermacher, G. W. G., oude Egbrink, M. G. A., Wolfhagen, H. A. P., Leppink, J. & Dolmans, D. H. J. M., 3 Apr 2019

    Article in Studies in Higher Education

  6. Advances in bone preservation: Identifying possible collagen preservation using sulfur speciation mapping

    Anné, J., Edwards, N. P., Brigidi, F., Gueriau, P., Harvey, V. L., Geraki, K., Slimak, L., Buckley, M. & Wogelius, R. A., 15 Apr 2019

    Article in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology

  7. Ancient genomes indicate population replacement in Early Neolithic Britain

    Brace, S., Diekmann, Y., Booth, T. J., van Dorp, L., Faltyskova, Z., Rohland, N., Mallick, S., Olalde, I., Ferry, M., Michel, M., Oppenheimer, J., Broomandkhoshbacht, N., Stewardson, K., Martiniano, R., Walsh, S., Kayser, M., Charlton, S., Hellenthal, G., Armit, I., Schulting, R. & 7 others, Craig, O. E., Sheridan, A., Parker Pearson, M., Stringer, C., Reich, D., Thomas, M. G. & Barnes, I., 15 Apr 2019

    Article in Nature Ecology and Evolution

  8. MR-Conditional SMA-Based Origami Joint

    Taylor, A. J., Slutzky, T., Feuerman, L., Ren, H., Tokuda, J., Nilsson, K. & Tse, Z. T. H., 16 Apr 2019

    Article in IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics

  9. Temporal lobe epilepsy: Hippocampal pathology modulates connectome topology and controllability

    Bernhardt, B. C., Fadaie, F., Liu, M., Caldairou, B., Gu, S., Jefferies, E., Smallwood, J., Bassett, D. S., Bernasconi, A. & Bernasconi, N., 19 Apr 2019

    Article in Neurology

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