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  2. Adopting YouTube to Promote Health: Analysis of State Health Departments

    Duke, C. H., Yin, J., Zhang, X., Blankenship, E. B., Akuse, S. E., Shah, G. H., Chan, C-H., Fu, K-W., Tse, Z. T. H. & Fung, I. C-H., 2019

    Article in The Permanente journal

  3. MR-Conditional SMA-Based Origami Joint

    Taylor, A. J., Slutzky, T., Feuerman, L., Ren, H., Tokuda, J., Nilsson, K. & Tse, Z. T. H., 16 Apr 2019

    Article in IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics

  4. Template for MR Visualization and Needle Targeting

    Li, R., Xu, S., Bakhutashvili, I., Turkbey, I. B., Choyke, P., Pinto, P., Wood, B. & Tse, Z. T. H., Feb 2019

    Article in Journal of biomedical optics

  5. Twitter Conversations and English News Media Reports on Poliomyelitis in Five Different Countries, January 2014 to April 2015

    Schaible, B. J., Snook, K. R., Yin, J., Jackson, A. M., Ahweyevu, J. O., Chong, M., Tse, Z. T. H., Liang, H., Fu, K-W. & Fung, I. C-H., 7 Aug 2019

    Article in The Permanente journal

  6. World Pneumonia Day 2011-2016: Twitter contents and retweets

    Adnan, M. M., Yin, J., Jackson, A. M., Tse, Z. T. H., Liang, H., Fu, K-W., Saroha, N., Althouse, B. M. & Fung, I. C-H., 1 Jul 2019

    Article in International Health