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  1. Article › Research › Not peer-reviewed
  2. Consumers and COVID-19: A Real-Time Survey

    Knotek II, E., Schoenle, R., Dietrich, A., Kuester, K., Mueller, G., Myrseth, K. O. R. & Weber, M., 17 Apr 2020

    Article in Economic Commentary

  3. Correction to ‘Organic residue analysis shows sub-regional patterns in the use of pottery by Northern European hunter–gatherers’

    Courel, B., Robson, H. K., Lucquin, A. J. A., Dolbunova, E., Oras, E., Adamczak, K., Andersen, S. H., Moe Astrup, P., Charniauski, M., Czekaj-Zastawny, A., Ezepenko, I., Hartz, S., Kabaciński, J., Kotula, A., Kukawka, S., Loze, I., Mazurkevich, A., Piezonka, H., Piličiauskas, G., Sørensen, S. A. & 7 others, Talbot, H. M., Tkachou, A., Tkachova, M., Wawrusiewicz, A., Meadows, J., Heron, C. & Craig, O. E., 22 Jul 2020

    Article in Royal Society Open Science

  4. Spallation reaction study for long-lived fission products in nuclear waste

    Wang, H., Otsu, H., Sakurai, H., Ahn, D., Aikawa, M., Ando, T., Araki, S., Chen, S., Chiga, N., Doornenbal, P., Fukuda, N., Isobe, T., Kawakami, S., Kawase, S., Kin, T., Kondo, Y., Koyama, S., Kubono, S., Maeda, Y., Makinaga, A. & 29 others, Matsushita, M., Matsuzaki, T., Michimasa, S. I., Momiyama, S., Nagamine, S., Nakamura, T., Nakano, K., Niikura, M., Ozaki, T., Saito, A., Saito, T., Shiga, Y., Shikata, M., Shimizu, Y., Shimoura, S., Sumikama, T., Söderstrom, P-A., Suzuki, H., Takeda, H., Takeuchi, S., Taniuchi, R., Togano, Y., Tsubota, J., Uesaka, M., Watanabe, Y., Watanabe, Y., Wimmer, K., Yamamoto, T. & Yoshida, K., 30 Sep 2020

    Article in EPJ Web of Conferences

  5. Article › Research › Peer-reviewed
  6. A cross-sectional study on factors associated with health seeking behaviour of Malawians aged 15+ years in 2016

    Ng'ambi, W., Mangal, T., Phillips, A., Colbourn, T., Nkhoma, D., Mfutso-Bengo, J., Revill, P. & Hallett, T. B., Dec 2020

    Article in Malawi Medical Journal

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