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  1. Women in transport research and innovation: A European perspective

    Hortelano, A. O., Grosso, M., Haq, G. & Tsakalidis, A., 16 Jun 2021

    Article in Sustainability (Switzerland)

  2. Using a co-created transdisciplinary approach to explore the complexity of air pollution in informal settlements

    West, S. E., Medcalf, A. J., Bowyer, C., Apondo, W., Bueker, P., Cinderby, S., Gray, C., Hahn, M., Lambe, F., Loh, M., Muhoza, C., Muindi, K., Njoora, T. K., Twigg, M., Waelde, C., Walnycki, A., Wainwright, M., Wendler, J., Wilson, M. & Price, H. D., 19 Nov 2021

    Article in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications

  3. Trading deforestation - Why the legality of forest-risk commodities is insufficient

    Reis, T., de Faria, V. G., Russo Lopes, G., Sparovek, G., West, C. D., Rajão, R. G., Ferreira, M. N., Elvira, M. & Valle, R., 23 Nov 2021

    Article in Environmental Research Letters

  4. Socially inclusive and innovative policy making for climate resilient urban strategies for informal settlements in dryland Africa

    Thorn, J. P. R., Hejnowicz, A. P., Kavonic, J., Marchant, R., Shackleton, S., Delgado, G., Ajala, O. A., Mueller, A. & Cinderby, S., 1 Feb 2021, 10 p. ICLEI Africa.

    Research output: Other contribution

  5. Six modes of co-production for sustainability

    Chambers, J., Green, J. M. H., Wyburn, C., E. Ryan, M., S. Reid, R., Riechers, M., Serban, A., J. Bennett, N., Cvitnaovic, C., E. Fernandez-Gimenez, M., A. Galvin, K., E. Goldstein, B., L. Klenk, N., Tengo, M., Brennan, R., J. Cockburn, J., Hill, R., Munera, C., L. Nel, J., Osterblom, H., & 21 othersT. Bednarek, A., M. Bennett, E., Brandeis, A., Charli-Joseph, L., Chatterton, P., Curran, K., Dumrongrojwatthana, P., Paz Duran, A., J. Fada, S., Gerber, J-D., M. Guerrero, A., Haller, T., Leimona, A-I. H-M. B., Montana, J., Rondeau, R., Spierenburg, M., Steyaert, P., G. Zaehringer, J., Gruby, R., Hutton, J. & Pickering, T., Nov 2021

    Article in Nature Sustainability

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