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  1. 2022
  2. Assessing the hydrotropic effect in the presence of electrolytes: competition between solute salting-out and salt-induced hydrotrope aggregation

    Martins, A., Benfica, J., Perez, G., Shimizu, S., Sintra, T. E., Schaeffer, N. & Coutinho, J. A. P., 30 Aug 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

  3. Expanding the Substrate Scope of Native Amine Dehydrogenases through In Silico Structural Exploration and Targeted Protein Engineering

    Grogan, G. J., Ducrot, L., Bennett, M., Andre_Leroux, G., Elisee, E., Marynberg, S., Fossey-Jouenne, A., Zaparucha, A. & Vergne-Vaxelaire, C., 30 Aug 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in ChemCatChem

  4. A greener synthesis of the antidepressant bupropion hydrochloride

    Andrew, O. B., Sherwood, J. R. & Hurst, G. A., 24 Aug 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)


  5. Development of renewable thermosetting polymers based on grape seed oil derivatives

    Gaglieri, C., Alarcon, R. T., Magri, R., North, M. & Bannach, G., 12 Aug 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)


  6. Structural basis of DNA packaging by a ring-type ATPase from an archetypal viral system

    Fung, H. K. H., Grimes, S., Huet, A., Duda, R. L., Chechik, M., Gault, J., Robinson, C. V., Hendrix, R. W., Jardine, P. J., Conway, J. F., Baumann, C. G. & Antson, A. A., 10 Aug 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Nucleic Acids Research

  7. One session treatment (OST) is equivalent to multi-session cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in children with specific phobias (ASPECT): results from a national non-inferiority randomized controlled trial

    Wright, B., Tindall, L., Scott, A. J., Lee, E., Cooper, C., Biggs, K., Bee, P., Wang, H-I., Gega, L., Hayward, E., Solaiman, K., Teare, M. D., Davis, T., Wilson, J., Lovell, K., McMillan, D., Barr, A., Edwards, H., Lomas, J., Turtle, C., & 8 othersParrott, S., Teige, C., Chater, T., Hargate, R., Ali, S., Parkinson, S., Gilbody, S. & Marshall, D., 1 Aug 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry

  8. Assembly, structure and thermoelectric properties of 1,1’-dialkynylferrocene ‘hinges’

    Wilkinson, L. A., Bennett, T. L. R., Grace, I. M., Hamill, J., Wang, X., Au-Yong, S., Ismael, A., Jarvis, S., Hou, S., Albrecht, T., Cohen, L. F., Lambert, C., Robinson, B. J. & Long, N., 27 Jul 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Chemical Science

  9. A comprehensive understanding of carbon-carbon bond formation by alkyne migratory insertion into manganacycles

    Hammarback, L. A., Eastwood, J. B., Burden, T. J., Pearce, C. J., Clark, I. P., Towrie, M., Robinson, A., Fairlamb, I. J. S. & Lynam, J. M., 8 Jul 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Chemical Science

  10. Simple and modestly scalable synthesis of iso-Cyrene from levoglucosenone and its comparison to the bio-derived and polar aprotic solvent Cyrene®

    Liu, X., Pollard, B., Banwell, M., Yu, L-J., Coote, M., Gardiner, M., van Vugt-Lussenburg, B. M. A., van der Burg, B., Grasset, F., Campillo, E., Sherwood, J. R., Byrne, F. & Farmer, T. J., 7 Jul 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Australian Journal of Chemistry

  11. Techniques for measuring indoor radicals and radical precursors

    Gómez Alvarez, E., Carslaw, N., Dusanter, S., Dusanter, S., Edwards, P., Mihucz, V. G., Heard, D., Kleffmann, J., Nehr, S., Schoemacker, C. & Venables, D., 25 Jun 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Applied Spectroscopy Reviews

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