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  1. ‘I’m not a real boozer’: a qualitative study of primary care patients’ views on drinking and its consequence

    Khadjesari, Z., Stevenson, F., Toner, P. T., Linke, S., Milward, J. & Murray, E., 18 Apr 2018, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Journal of public health

  2. α-D-Gal-cyclophellitol cyclosulfamidate is a Michaelis complex analog that stabilizes therapeutic lysosomal α-galactosidase A in Fabry disease

    Artola, M., Hedberg, C., Rowland, R. J., Raich, L., Kytidou, K., Wu, L., Schaafa, A., Ferraz, M. J., van der Marel, G. A., Codée, J. D. C., Rovira, C., Aerts, J. M. F. G., Davies, G. J. & Overkleeft, H. S., 20 Aug 2019, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Chemical Science

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