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  1. 2021
  2. Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis using Convolutional Neural Networks and Figure-copying Tasks

    Alissa, M., Lones, M. A., Cosgrove, J., Alty, J. E., Jamieson, S., Smith, S. L. & Vallejo, M., 26 Aug 2021, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in Neural computing & applications

  3. Downlink Multi-Carrier NOMA with Opportunistic Bandwidth Allocations

    Al-Obiedollah, H., Cumanan, K., Bany Salameh, H., Chen, G., Ding, Z. & Dobre, O., 1 Aug 2021, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in IEEE wireless communications letters

  4. Development of Modular Bio-inspired Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Close Subsea Asset Inspection

    Gorma, W., Post, M. A., White, J., Gardner, J., Luo, Y., Kim, J., Mitchell, P. D., Morozs, N., Wright, M. & Xiao, Q., 7 Jun 2021, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in Applied Sciences

  5. An Efficient 3D Positioning Approach to Minimize Required UAVs for IoT Network Coverage

    Rahimi, Z., Sobouti, M., Ghanbari, R., Hosseini Seno, S. A., Mohajerzadeh, A., Ahmadi, H. & Yanikomeroglu, H., 18 Apr 2021, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in IEEE Internet of Things Journal

  6. Robust 3D-Trajectory and Time Switching Optimization for Dual-UAV-Enabled Secure Communications

    Wang, W., Li, X., Wang, R., Cumanan, K., Feng, W., Ding, Z. & Dobre, O., 11 Apr 2021, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication

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