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  1. 2022
  2. L2 acquisition of the Japanese associative plural marker -tati

    Kume, K. & Marsden, H., 18 Jun 2022, BUCLD 46: Proceedings of the 46th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development. Gong, Y. & Kpogo, F. (eds.). Cascadilla Press, p. 390-400 11 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  3. A Longitudinal Study of Sibling Bullying and Mental Health in Autistic Adolescents: The Role of Self-esteem

    Deniz, E. & Toseeb, U., 24 Apr 2022, PsyArXiv Preprints.

    Research output: Working paperPreprint

  4. English language teaching, learning and assessment in Sri Lanka: Policies and practices in the school education system

    Indrarathne, B. & McCulloch, S., 22 Apr 2022, British Council. 47 p. (Case studies, insights and research)

    Research output: Book/ReportCommissioned report

  5. Doing SLA research in South Asia: Possibilities and challenges

    Indrarathne, B., 21 Mar 2022.

    Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review

  6. Measurement Invariance of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire by Socioeconomic Status and Ethnicity from Ages 3 to 17 years: A Population Cohort Study

    Toseeb, U., Oginni, O., Rowe, R. & Patalay, P., 11 Mar 2022, PsyArXiv Preprints.

    Research output: Working paperPreprint

  7. Non-right handedness is associated with language and reading impairments

    Abbondanza, F., Dale, P. S., Wang, C. A., Hayiou-Thomas, E., Toseeb, U., Koomar, T. S., Wigg, K. G., Feng, Y., Price, K. M., Kerr, E., Guger, S. L., Lovett, M. W., Strug, L. J., van Bergen, E., Dolan, C. V., Tomblin, J. B., Moll, K., Schulte-Körne, G., Neuhoff, N., Warnke, A. & 13 others, Fisher, S. E., Barr, C. L., Michaelson, J. J., Boomsma, D. I., Snowling, M. J., Hulme, C., Whitehouse, A. J. O., Pennell, C. E., Newbury, D. F., Stein, J., Talcott, J. B., Bishop, D. V. M. & Paracchini, S., 7 Mar 2022, PsyArXiv Preprints.

    Research output: Working paperPreprint

  8. Student Learning in STEM, Feedback Practices

    Dunlop, L. & Mapplebeck, A., 3 Mar 2022

    Research output: Other contribution

  9. Research Intelligence: Education for Environmental Sustainability

    Rushton, E. & Dunlop, L., 24 Feb 2022, Research Intelligence, 150.

    Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationSpecial issue

  10. Contesting colonialism in chemistry class

    Dunlop, L., Stubbs, J. & Chang, V., Feb 2022

    Article in Chemistry Review

  11. Youth co-authorship as public engagement with geoengineering

    Dunlop, L., Rushton, E., Atkinson, L., Cornelissen, E., de Schrijver, J., Stadnyk, T., Stubbs, J., Su, C., Turkenburg, M. G. W., Fernanda, V., Blake, C., Calvert, S., Dècle, C., Dhassi, K., Edwards, R., Malaj, G., Mirjanić, J., Saunders, W., Sinkovec, Y., Vellekoop, S. & 1 others, Yuan, X., 30 Jan 2022

    Article in International Journal of Science Education Part B

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