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  1. Untitled

    Bernay, F., Bland, J. M., Haggstrom, J., Baduel, L., Combes, B., Lopez, A. & Kaltsatos, V., Nov 2010

    Letter in Journal of veterinary internal medicine

  2. Untitled

    Nation, K. & Hulme, C., 1998

    Letter in Reading Research Quarterly

  3. Two cultures of conservation

    Fisher, B., Bolt, K., Bradbury, R. B., Gardner, T. A., Green, J. M. H., Hole, D. G. & Naidoo, R., Oct 2009

    Letter in Conservation Biology

  4. Trial by media: dangers of misinterpretation of medical statistics

    Wright, J., Bradley, C., Sheldon, T. & Lilford, R., 8 Apr 2006

    Letter in Lancet

  5. Transport properties of graphene with one-dimensional charge defects

    Ferreira, A., Xu, X., Tan, C. L., Bae, S. K., Peres, N. M. R., Hong, B. H., Özyilmaz, B. & Neto, A. H. C., 13 Apr 2011

    Letter in Europhysics Letters

  6. Topical treatments for head lice: Review's weaknesses may undermine its conclusions.

    Dixon, R., Eastwood, A., Fullerton, D., Glenny, A. M., Lister-Sharp, D., Petticrew, M. & Sheldon, T., 1996

    Letter in BMJ

  7. The threat to cone snails

    Chivian, E., Roberts, C. M. & Bernstein, A. S., 17 Oct 2003

    Letter in Science

  8. The shortcomings of the GLAST knockout mouse

    Skerry, T., Genever, P., Taylor, A., Dobson, K., Mason, D. & Suva, L., Sep 2001


  9. The role of fisheries-induced evolution

    Browman, H. I., Law, R. & Marshall, C. T., 4 Apr 2008

    Letter in Science

  10. The costs of making practice more cost-effective - Reply

    Mason, J., Eccles, M., Freemantle, N., Nazareth, I., Haines, A. & Drummond, M., 3 Apr 2002

    Letter in Journal of American Medical Association

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