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  1. A bis(imido)organoarsenate dianion incorporating n-butyllithium

    Copsey, M. C., Jeffery, J. C., Leedham, A. P., Russell, C. A. & Slattery, J. M., 2003

    Article in Dalton Transactions

  2. A broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectrometer for aircraft measurements of glyoxal, methylglyoxal, nitrous acid, nitrogen dioxide, and water vapor

    Min, K-E., Washenfelder, R. A., Dubé, W. P., Langford, A. O., Edwards, P., Zarzana, K. J., Stutz, J., Lu, K., Rohrer, F., Zhang, Y. & Brown, S., 11 Feb 2016

    Article in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques

  3. A case study of aerosol scavenging in a biomass burning plume over eastern Canada during the 2011 BORTAS field experiment

    Franklin, J. E., Drummond, J. R., Griffin, D., Pierce, J. R., Waugh, D. L., Palmer, P. I., Parrington, M., Lee, J. D., Lewis, A. C., Rickard, A. R., Taylor, J. W., Allan, J. D., Coe, H., Walker, K. A., Chisholm, L., Duck, T. J., Hopper, J. T., Blanchard, Y., Gibson, M. D., Curry, K. R. & 5 others, Sakamoto, K. M., Lesins, G., Dan, L., Kliever, J. & Saha, A., 21 Aug 2014

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  4. A catalogue of molecular, physiological and symbiotic properties of soybean-nodulating rhizobial strains from different soybean cropping areas of China

    Thomas-Oates, J., Bereszczak, J., Edwards, E., Gill, A., Noreen, S., Zhou, J. C., Chen, M. Z., Miao, L. H., Xie, F. L., Yang, J. K., Zhou, Q., Yang, S. S., Li, X. H., Wang, L., Spaink, H. P., Schlaman, H. R. M., Harteveld, M., Diaz, C. L., van Brussel, A. A. N., Camacho, M. & 17 others, Rodriguez-Navarro, D. N., Santamaria, C., Temprano, E., Acebes, J. M., Bellogin, R. A., Buendia-Claveria, A. M., Cubo, M. T., Espuny, M. R., Gil, A. M., Gutierrez, R., Hidalgo, A., Lopez-Baena, F. J., Madinabeitia, N., Medina, C., Ollero, F. J., Vinardell, J. M. & Ruiz-Sainz, J. E., Sep 2003


  5. A chronological framework for the British Quaternary based on Bithynia opercula

    Penkman, K. E. H., Preece, R. C., Bridgland, D. R., Keen, D. H., Meijer, T., Parfitt, S. A., White, T. S. & Collins, M. J., 25 Aug 2011

    Article in Nature

  6. A combined experimental and theoretical study of the reaction between methylglyoxal and OH/OD radical: OH regeneration

    Baeza-Romero, M. T., Glowacki, D. R., Blitz, M. A., Heard, D. E., Pilling, M. J., Rickard, A. R. & Seakins, P. W., 14 Aug 2007

    Article in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

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