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  1. Writing articles for work, employment and society: Different voices, same language

    Grugulis, I., Stuart, M., Forde, C., Kirkpatrick, I., Mackenzie, R. & Tomlinson, J., 1 Feb 2012

    Editorial in Work, Employment and Society

  2. Witchcraft and Deep Time - a debate at Harvard

    Mitchell, S., Price, N., Hutton, R., Purkiss, D., Patton, K., Raudvere, C., Seyeri, C., Aldhouse-Green, M., Semple, S., Pluskowski, A., Carver, M. & Ginzburg, C., Sep 2010

    Editorial in Antiquity

  3. Wildlife Research in a changing world

    White, P. C. L., Taylor, A. C., Boutin, S., Myers, C. & Krebs, C. J., 2009

    Editorial in Wildlife research

  4. Why promote the findings of single research studies?

    Wilson, P., Petticrew, M., Calnan, M. W. & Nazareth, I., 29 Mar 2008

    Editorial in British Medical Journal

  5. Why do women go along with this stuff?

    Kitzinger, S., Green, J. M., Chalmers, B., Keirse, M. J. N. C., Lindstrom, K. & Hemminki, E., Jun 2006

    Editorial in Birth

  6. What's the truth behind the headlines?

    Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, 2005

    Editorial in Med Sci Prac.

  7. What the papers don't say.

    Orton, V., 2005

    Editorial in Libr Info Gaz.

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