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  1. Where Species Go, Legal Protections Must Follow Response

    Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Hughes, L., Mcintyre, S., Lindenmayer, D. B., Parmesan, C., Possingham, H. P. & Thomas, C. D., 14 Nov 2008

    Letter in Science

  2. Water fluoridation [letter].

    McDonagh, M. & Kleijnen, J., 2001

    Letter in BMJ

  3. WHO must remain a strong global health leader post Ebola

    Kamradt-Scott, A., Harman, S., Nunes, J., Roemer-Mahler, A. & Wenham, C., 10 Jan 2015

    Letter in The Lancet


    Fitter, A., Perrins, J. & Williamson, M., May 1990

    Letter in Bio-Technology

  5. Voltage controlled modification of flux closure domains in planar magnetic structures for microwave applications

    Parkes, D. E., Beardsley, R., Bowe, S., Isakov, I., Warburton, P. A., Edmonds, K. W., Campion, R. P., Gallagher, B. L., Rushforth, A. W. & Cavill, S. A., 11 Aug 2014

    Letter in Applied Physics Letters

  6. Untitled - Response

    Rho, J. Y., Zioupos, P., Currey, J. D. & Pharr, G. M., May 2000

    Letter in Bone

  7. Untitled

    Baker, E. N., Blundell, T. L., Vijayan, M., Dodson, E., Dodson, G., Gilliland, G. L. & Sussman, J. L., 27 Feb 1996


  8. Untitled

    Bernay, F., Bland, J. M., Haggstrom, J., Baduel, L., Combes, B., Lopez, A. & Kaltsatos, V., Nov 2010

    Letter in Journal of veterinary internal medicine

  9. Untitled

    Nation, K. & Hulme, C., 1998

    Letter in Reading Research Quarterly

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