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  1. 2008
  2. Society for Acupuncture Research: 2007 Conference Report: "The Status and Future of Acupuncture Research: 10 Years Post-NIH Consensus Conference"

    Schnyer, R., Lao, L., Hammerschlag, R., Wayne, P., Langevin, H. M., Napadow, V., Harris, R., Park, J., Milley, R., Cohen, M. & MacPherson, H., 1 Sep 2008

    Editorial in Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

  3. Assisted colonization and rapid climate change

    Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Hughes, L., McIntyre, S., Lindenmayer, D. B., Parmesan, C., Possingham, H. P. & Thomas, C. D., 18 Jul 2008

    Editorial in Science

  4. Untitled

    Barkaoui, K., Broy, M., Cavalcanti, A. & Cerone, A., Jul 2008

    Editorial in Formal Aspects of Computing

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