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  13. Perturbed alignments within an i13/2 neutron intruder band in Gd141

    Mullins, S. M., Omar, A., Persson, L., Prévost, D., Waddington, J. C., Andrews, H. R., Ball, G. C., Galindo-Uribarri, A., Janzen, V. P., Radford, D. C., Ward, D., Drake, T. E., Fossan, D. B., Lafosse, D., Vaska, P., Waring, M. & Wadsworth, R., 1 Jan 1993

    Article in Physical Review C

  14. First observation of a proton intruder band below the Z = 50 major shell gap. Spectroscopy of 111In

    Mullins, S. M., Janzen, V. P., Vaska, P., Fossan, D. B., Hackman, G., LaFosse, D. R., Paul, E. S., Prévost, D., Schnare, H., Waddington, J. C., Wadsworth, R., Ward, D. & Waring, M. P., 16 Dec 1993

    Article in Physics Letters B

  15. 1994
  16. New features of collective nuclear rotation at very high frequency in Sb109

    Janzen, V. P., Lafosse, D. R., Schnare, H., Fossan, D. B., Galindo-Uribarri, A., Hughes, J. R., Mullins, S. M., Paul, E. S., Persson, L., Pilotte, S., Radford, D. C., Ragnarsson, I., Vaska, P., Waddington, J. C., Wadsworth, R., Ward, D., Wilson, J. & Wyss, R., 1 Jan 1994

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  17. 1995
  18. Excited superdeformed band in Sm142 identical to Gd146

    Hackman, G., Wadsworth, R., Haslip, D. S., Clark, R. M., Dobaczewski, J., Dudek, J., Flibotte, S., Hauschild, K., Hibbert, I. M., Lee, I. Y., Mullins, S. M., Macchiavelli, A. O., Pilotte, S., Semple, A. T., Thorslund, I., Timar, J., Vaska, P., Waddington, J. C. & Walker, L., 1 Jan 1995

    Article in Physical Review C

  19. First observation of a rotational band in odd Sn50 nuclei: Sn111

    LaFosse, D. R., Fossan, D. B., Hughes, J. R., Liang, Y., Vaska, P., Waring, M. P., Zhang, J. Y., Clark, R. M., Wadsworth, R., Forbes, S. A. & Paul, E. S., 1 Jan 1995

    Article in Physical Review C

  20. 1996
  21. 1997
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  23. 1999
  24. The role of the spherical tokamak in clarifying tokamak physics

    Morris, A. W., Akers, R. J., Connor, J. W., Counsell, G. F., Fonck, R. J., Gryaznevich, M. P., Gusev, V., Hender, T. C., Kaye, S. M., Maddison, G. P., Majeski, R., Martin, T. J., McClements, K. G., Medvedev, S., Peng, Y. K. M., Roach, C. M., Robinson, D. C., Sharapov, S., Sykes, A., Valovic, M. & 2 others, Walsh, M. J. & Wilson, H. R., Dec 1999

    Article in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

  25. 2000
  26. Yrast and near-yrast excitations up to high spin in 10048Cd52

    Clark, R. M., Wilson, J. N., Appelbe, D., Carpenter, M. P., Chiara, C. J., Cromaz, M., Deleplanque, M. A., Devlin, M., Diamond, R. M., Fallon, P., Fossan, D. B., Janssens, R. V. F., Jenkins, D. G., Kelsall, N., Koike, T., LaFosse, D. R., Lane, G. J., Lee, I. Y., Macchiavelli, A. O., Sarantites, D. G. & 10 others, Seweryniak, D., Starosta, K., Stephens, F. S., Svensson, C. E., Vetter, K., Wadsworth, R., Waddington, J. C., Ward, D., Wiedenhöver, I. & Alex Brown, B., 1 Jan 2000

    Article in Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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