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  1. Short survey › Research › Peer-reviewed
  2. Racial categories in medicine: A failure of evidence-based practice?

    Ellison, G. T. H., Smart, A., Tutton, R., Outram, S. M., Ashcroft, R. & Marti, P., Sep 2007

    Short survey in Plos medicine

  3. Review article › Research › Peer-reviewed
  4. Special issue › Research › Peer-reviewed
  5. Highlights from the TCS website

    Beer, D. G. (ed.), Manghani, S. (ed.) & Dawes, S. (ed.), Dec 2015

    Special issue in Theory, Culture and Society

  6. Ordinary Sex

    Jackson, S., 2008

    Special issue in Sexualities

  7. The cultural field

    Savage, M., 2006

    Special issue in Cultural Trends

  8. Editorial › Research › Peer-reviewed
  9. 'Wither the survey?'

    Savage, M. & Burrows, R., 2008

    Editorial in International Journal of Market Research

  10. A note from the editors

    Burrows, R. & Ford, J., Sep 2002

    Editorial in Housing Studies

  11. A note from the editors

    Burrows, R. & Ford, J., Jan 2005

    Editorial in Housing Studies

  12. Editorial

    Hedgecoe, A. & Tutton, R., 2 Jan 2018

    Editorial in New Genetics and Society

  13. Genetics and the Sociology of Identity

    Hauskeller, C., Sturdy, S. & Tutton, R., Oct 2013

    Editorial in Sociology

  14. Home/Neighbourhood/City/

    Atkinson, R., Dowling, R. & McGuirk, P., Dec 2009

    Editorial in Environment and Planning A


    Button, G., Drew, P. & Heritage, J., 1986

    Editorial in Human studies

  16. Interview with Friedrich Kittler and Mark Hansen

    Gane, N., Sale, S., Kittler, F. & Hansen, M., Dec 2007

    Editorial in Theory, Culture and Society

  17. League tables and their limitations: Statistical issues in comparisons of institutional performance - Discussion

    Butler, R., FitzGibbon, C., Gardner, J., Macfarlane, A., Smalls, M., Draper, D., Galbraith, R., Eastwood, A., Sheldon, T. A., Smith, P., Galbraith, J. I., Copas, J. B., Kapadia, R., Schagen, I., Brand, R., Louis, T. A., Leyland, A. H., Gore, S., Goodhardt, G., Senn, S. & 21 others, Langford, I. H., Bartholomew, D., Longford, N. T., Diamond, I., Steele, F., Normand, S. L., McKee, M., Abrams, K. R., Lambert, P. C., Chatfield, C., Christiansen, C. L., Ecob, R., Fielding, A., Harrell, F. E., Kendrick, S., Muxworthy, D., Russell, D., Russell, I., Snijders, T. A. B., Spencer, N. H. & TarnowMordi, W., 1996

    Editorial in Journal of the royal statistical society series A. General

  18. Ordinary Sex

    Jackson, S., Feb 2008

    Editorial in Sexualities


    BURROWS, R., BUNTON, R., MUNCER, S. & GILLEN, K., Jun 1995


  20. Ubiquitous surveillance - Interview with Katherine Hayles

    Gane, N., Venn, C., Hand, M. & Hayles, K., Dec 2007

    Editorial in Theory, Culture and Society

  21. Editorial › Research › Not peer-reviewed
  22. Literature review › Research › Peer-reviewed
  23. A Health Services Research Agenda for Cellular, Molecular and Genomic Technologies in Cancer Care

    Wideroff, L., Phillips, K. A., Randhawa, G., Ambs, A., Armstrong, K., Bennett, C. L., Brown, M. L., Donaldson, M. S., Follen, M., Goldie, S. J., Hiatt, R. A., Khoury, M. J., Lewis, G. S., McLeod, H. L., Piper, M., Powell, I., Schrag, D., Schulman, K. A. & Scott, J., Apr 2009

    Literature review in Public health genomics

  24. Book/Film/Article review › Research › Peer-reviewed
  25. Adorno: A political biography

    Beer, D., Oct 2005

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  26. Dead cities: A natural history

    Atkinson, R., Mar 2004

    Book/Film/Article review in Urban Studies

  27. Drinking cultures

    Winlow, S., Apr 2007

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  28. Language and gender: An advanced resource book

    Rickford, R. & Kitzinger, C., Apr 2008

    Book/Film/Article review in Language in Society

  29. Medicine and the body

    Nettleton, S., Feb 2005

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  30. Middle mass and the Pit

    BURROWS, R. & BUTLER, T., May 1989

    Book/Film/Article review in The Sociological Review

  31. Monica's story

    Kaloski-Naylor, A., Nov 1999

    Book/Film/Article review in Journal of Gender Studies

  32. Non-places: An Introduction to Supermodernity

    Hill, D. W., Oct 2010

    Book/Film/Article review in Urban Studies

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